October 13, 2011


yo! I'm still in the process of surviving this week and next week.

Our event yesterday went great. It was fun, full and a blast.
I also spent the night with my cousin, Fritzie whom I invited in our event.
We spent the whole night talking about stuff, catching up and watched TV series.
Though I know I have a big exam today I still slept late last night (around 2am I guess).
So I woke up at around 8:30 and started preparing for school at around 9:15 until I received a frantic text message from my friend, Seville who was asking me to buy him a pencil 'cause we need it for our exam then I immediately texted him:
"Sure. Our exam will start at 10:30, right?"
Then he said,
"No, 10."
God no! Don't do this to me, I said panicking and moving as fast as I could, like a ninja.
I was really upset. I felt like people, my friends turned their backs on me. 
I told my cousin that we should leave right away.
So we left around 10 am and the exam will start in awhile already.
When we are in the jeepney, my cousin suddenly blurted out:
"I left my cellphone in your room."
No!!! This can't be happening.
As much as I want to go back, since I really know that her cellphone is her life, I really can't.
It wasn't the best time to go back 'cause that exam is a matter of life and death.
Good thing my cousin is as understanding as I am.
She agreed that she'll just pick it up tomorrow in my Mom's.
End of the story.
I promised myself that I will sleep early today.
Prolly I'll sleep at around 12 again 'cause I have to review for another exam tomorrow.
And I don't want to be late ever again.

Time check. Oops, time's up. Toodles. :)


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