October 20, 2011


I hate to turn up by the blues, uninvited.

Hello sem break!
Yey! Finally. So I spent the first day of my sem break with my one and only love and it was fun.
I missed him so badly. We haven't seen each other for about 3 weeks and I'll make sure we'll both spend our sem break together, as much as possible.
He is kind of a bitch today, he's trying to piss me off intentionally. It was kinda funny and annoying at the same time and though I told him I'm not going to talk to him anymore, I can't help it.
So our bonding went like cooking and accessories making.
We ate crispy kangkong for lunch (he joined my diet) and we talk things over while we both make accessories and yes, he bought stuff from me, of course, I gave him a huge discount 'cause he is my love and he gave me an idea of what I should make next though he consumed most of my square beads and he pinched me so painfully. 

So tomorrow, I just wish my cousin could come over here after lunch 'cause I'll be having my first, umm, err, should I call it a "photo shoot" (which is an overrated term already) ?
It was kind of the same thing. I'm going to take pictures of my sister's friends for their magazine project or whatsoever. So yeah, hopefully it would be fun and productive.

I am sort of pissed and sad. One of my favorite young photographer ordered something from my shop.
It wasn't really the first time she inquired something. It happens to be her second time.
But I am still thrilled as I'll ever be.
So I thought the transaction would be cool and fun since I am really (well not really anymore) a huge fan.
So it goes like, after receiving her order form, I sent her the payment details and she replied back.
Supposedly, my reservation period is valid only for 2 days but due to finals week and I am busy as well, I just let those who ordered have a leeway up to whenever they are capable of sending their payments. Some paid after 3 days, acceptable. Some needs to be reminded first before they tell you what's going on but at least they told me they're busy with finals etc.
But HER, why HER? From all of those who ordered from me, why HER?
I used to adore her, but why'd she have to be like that?
She should have told me that she'll just cancel the transaction but... but...
she didn't.
I texted her almost 2 times, after 4 days and after a week of her reservation.
The 2nd time I texted her she answered back saying how much it is again.
My answer wasn't as polite as I was when I first texted her.
The item she bought from me will not even affect (maybe) her allowance for a week 'cause it wasn't really pricey and heart breaking at all, but she doesn't pay a dime.
It wasn't about the money, it was about the respect and the word you have agreed upon.
My order form had an question stating:
"I am fully aware that upon submission of this form I'll be responsible and will pay within the period of time given. Yes? Or no?"
She answered YES. Clearly YES.
I thought her account was hacked but why would the hacker bluff on buying stuff from me? 
Amidst all the blooming lavish online shops out there.
Texting me the words, "I'll just cancel my order, sorry."
is as simple as logging in and posting stuff.
You are the first hoax on my list. But I will still understand whatever you are into right now, whatever your reason is, but I just wish you have warned me.



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