October 24, 2011


the earrings: YAY or NAY?

So I spent the first day of the week and the whole day with my love.
We roam around Manila, bought some stuff, visited Quiapo church, ate lunch and headed straight to San Juan and got a bit lost. I happen to know that place, which is one of my favorite shopping site, Greenhills. But we have to go to Gilmore station so we walked, hmm, 2 kilometers? Well, I don't know, it was fun 'cause we're just like walking in the park. I told him, we should walk slow so that we wouldn't get tired easily. Finally got there. And he bought some computer thingy.
From there, I already know how to get home.
We both made dream catchers and may I just say, that my love, is such a good student, I mean he easily get along with me in making dream catchers. So we sort of made a variety.

So yeah. I have been working on new designs of feather earrings and juggle it with dream catchers.

Night. Toodles.


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