October 17, 2011

I know I haven't been posting lately, I mean, not like before, day after day I post something.
It's our finals week already and examinations is on our way and I really have to focus more on studying since I am vying for the scholarship which I really really wanted so that I could somehow payback my Dad for what he had spent in buying my DLSR.

I am going to design shirts with my sister this sembreak though she doesn't have one.
I will post pictures afterwards.

And ooh..
Remember my bucket list?
I have found the perfect bag for my camera. It looks like an ordinary bag, nobody will know I am carrying a camera in it. And it costs way cheaper than those found in malls plus I can use it in school as well 'cause it will come with a detachable compartments. How good is that?
I am torn between the slingy or the satchel.
So yeah.

And ooh..
I am going to release a new collection on the latter part of this month since a lot of people are requesting dresses and the likes so hopefully within the week I would be able to buy stuff for my shop.

So have to go. I am heading somewhere in Manila today to buy stuff and to lurk around, enjoy this day, ALONE. 



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