October 15, 2011

I'm almost through with this.
Just 3 more semesters and I'm finally a professional.
I don't know if it was a good thing or what.
I still don't want to grow old and do work stuff.
I still want to enjoy life.
I want to accomplish something whilst I'm still young, something out of ordinary, something not related of what I am taking up now.
So earlier today, me and my friends visited the 5th floor again.
What's so special about it are the displays and mini art exhibits.
It is so fun to stare at those masterpieces.
Sometimes I wonder, WHAT IF, I took up a course related to Fine Arts?
Would I be happy? Would I be satisfied? Wouldn't I feel this certain regret I'm feeling right now?
I want arts. Art is my life. I know people who knows me will be surprised 'cause I really have a different way to express art, to utter my love for art.
No I don't paint and definitely no I don't sculpt.
But know what, art is a world. 
Art is a variety of imaginative appreciation.
Art is a life itself.


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