October 02, 2011


look what boyfriend got for me.

So this is just in.. I am still thinking if I will push through my plans of selling pop art canvas bags on November due to certain reasons and circumstances. On the other hand, feather hair clips/extensions, earrings and native necklaces are brewing already and hopefully will be out soon.
I guess I will be far, far away for quite some time 'cause I have to finish all those stuff.
Any request?
Comment on this post and let's see if I can make some arrangements.

May I just say how pissed I am?
I am trying to comprehend and endure as much as I can but I think it is already going way overboard.
My boyfriend, mom, sister and cousin told me to just walk it off but I can't help it if every single day of my life I'll see something new being imitated. Grrr. I still have a lot of thoughts here in my mind but as much as I want to tell you guise, I already can't and maybe I shouldn't. You happy now?


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