October 08, 2011


my worn-out face and hippie feather headpiece.
So I haven't posted anything lately (like yesterday and earlier today). Know why?
School is preoccupying me and there are a whole heap of things that needs to be done.
It feels like dying, maybe it is much worst than dying.
This coming week is our judgment week, hell week and whatever week it may be.
Our schedule is jam-packed with pitiless activities and school works.
Monday would be a very heartbreaking start, MISIR defense, which I summon and I will always hate.
Tuesday would be fun 'cause we will be playing charade with our French instructor who seldom speaks english, BUT I still love that subject.
Wednesday would be STRESSFUL. I have to cook my favorite Pomodoro dish for 50 pax.
Thursday departmental exam in Marketing.
Friday we'll be waiting for 3 hours before our Hospitality Management class in which we will be having 3 quizzes.
How good is that?
I wish I would be able to accomplish this week, ALIVE.
I am trying to juggle my shop and school.
By Monday, I need to finish all the accessories I need for my 3rd collection.
By Monday as well, I need to finish our animation and presentation for our defense.
*cross fingers*

I am annoyed as hell to OTHER PEOPLE out there for mocking things that I like, that
I do, everything.
Does it make you a  better person than me? Or you are just trying to prove something by overdoing me? Cause if you do, I guess it just makes you look worst 'cause you are playing the game that I don't wanna play. But whatever, good luck in your life and what comes around come back around.


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