November 30, 2011

Casual Talk

Fiona: Allo! Crystel? C’est Fiona.
Crystel: Fiona! Comment va?
Fiona: Dis-moi, tu es libre prochain vendredi? Une soiree disco avec les compines, ca te dit?
Crystel: Ah non! Vendredi, je ne peux pas, j’ai un diner avec mes parents.
Fiona: Alors samedi?
Crystel: Samedi, oui, ca me va. Ou exactement allons-nous?
Fiona: Attends, je verifie.. 7th disco club. On se retrouve samedi a 7 heures.
Crystel: 7 heures? J’arrive a 8 heures, J'ai d'aller au centre commercial.
Fiona: C’est pas grave, on t’attend.
Crystel: Alors a samedi, salut!
Fiona: Salut!


My Dad would always confide me whenever he would buy a shirt or a trouser or a shoes. He would always ask me "Does it look good on me?" or whenever he will leave the house for work or whatsoever and I was sitting right in front of the laptop or just sitting on top of my bed, writing something, he would drop by into my room and would ask "Should I tuck this shirt in or just leave it this way?", "Does my pants look short at the back?", "Does my shoes compliment my shirt?".
I guess my Dad looks at me as his style expert (?) well, only to my Dad, I guess.

I wasn't really that fashionable at all. Most of the time, you would see me wearing my trusty cargo shorts and a shirt plus flip-flops. You would summon me, I swear.
I love buying stuff but they always end up wedged in my closet.
I am indeed an impulse buyer. When I see something pretty, I wouldn't mind fitting it or worst, though I know it doesn't look good on me, I would always assume that one day it would and I would turn out buying it. When I got home, and tried it on again, I will not like it anymore.

I have been stirred by the fashion websites I saw since the day I learned about online shopping and Tricia Gosingtian. Tricia's blog was actually the first blog I have read in my entire life (as much as I can remember). She is indeed a real life Barbie. I have learned about her blog in the newspaper 'cause I always read and scrutinize every little words in Inquirer's 2BU section, where they feature young artists, fashion savvys and the art enthusiasts of all sorts. From there, I got connected to which is undeniably a fashion haven, style source and inspiration. I tried making one for myself, but ended up rejected because it is for invites only. From time to time, I would check out Lookbook and started getting inspired by the people in it. Then I have learned about Chictopia, a fashion platform as well minus the discretion  Lookbook have. It was fun 'cause you will get feedback from people who I don't even know personally. From there, I got connected from different people, from their blogs, shops and then I started online shopping. It was kind of a frustration and at the same time, a guilty pleasure though. Learning about the how to's in online shopping, I got this idea of "Why not try selling?" Since I have been thrift shopping already before I even knew online shopping. So I gave it a shot. I was super inconsistent. One time, I would sell. After a week or two, I would stop. It was a matter of patience and I was never persistent. I want everything to be quick not knowing that life isn't like that, online selling isn't like that. My shop was always in on and off mode. And the funniest and the proof that I am really inconsistent is that I keep on changing and making shop. Until I settled in my Facebook but stopped again because I was already over saturated with the thoughts that it wouldn't work out anymore. But now I am back, I am now reading books and finding inspiration in some well-known online shops on how to improve and to maintain my shop, Sunday Dream. I am still inconsistent when it comes to the products I am selling, but I guess it wasn't inconsistent at all, it is more like I want variations.

At night, I would always just stare at the ceiling or outside the window, playing scenes inside my head or sometimes, thinking about the things I want to do.
I want to buy more stuff and be more spontaneous when it comes to fashion.
Just recently, I have realized that, most things turns out to be great when you take a risk.
I was always as plain as Jane because I am afraid of what other people would say about how I look.
I love dressing up but I don't have that heap of confidence to show the world how much I love to dress up and add the fact that I don't always have a $$$ 'cause my whole 2011 witnessed and experienced my frugality, well because I bought a camera twice this year. So no new clothes, no new shoes for this year.

I guess it is time to make a change this coming 2012. I have to be more wise when it comes to buying stuff. I should now fit it first and see if it compliments my physique or not. I should think of it's uses;
where would I wear it, is there something in my closet that would look good with it. And I should tag along my boyfriend with me ALWAYS, because he knows what looks good on me and what's not. And I just hate the fact that, most of the things I find cute would always turn out to be the opposite to him.

This coming year:
- I must visit the mall every month and I should buy at least 1 or 2 stuff for myself.
- We (me and boyfraaaan) must regularly go out together, have a date or just hang out in a mall or park every month.
- I must go out of my comfort zone and be brave enough to tag along my camera with me and visit places.
- I must disregard negative thoughts and be confident in everything I do.
and lastly,
- I should keep my shop brewing.

This has been my longest post everrrrrr ( I guess ).

Au revoir!


November 29, 2011


1. Diego Luna. He is this guy in The one who got away music video of Katy Perry. I like him because he is cute and he looks so vintage. It's funny 'cause before I only like things that looks vintage but now I am starting to like people who looks vintage. LOL.  He is cute, and yeah, I love the beard and how he is made up to look like he was from the 70's or something.

2. I can't remember anyone comparing me to someone famous. But if there will be, I would like them to compare me to Miley Cyrus or Vanessa Anne Hudgens. Not because of their negative aspects which embrace the fact that they made out with their boyfriend in public or whatsoever. I adore their style. Both of them, really.

3. The only thing I hate about boys, is that they LIE. And my pet peeve about girls is, when they pose for photographs and aim for the model kind of look, they always arch their back. Aren't you listening to Tyra? In women's magazine, models hunch their back. In Men's magazine,  models arch their back. 

4. The best thing that I'd like to happen to me this week is to have more time with my boyfraaaann.. :)

5. I play scenes inside my head. :)

6. I would be a hypocrite if I'll say, "I would give it to the needy. Or I would donate it to the charity."
Sometimes, you also have to spend for yourself. I would shop til I drop or much better, I will travel.

7. When I smile with my lips close, a part of my rabbit teeth peeps.

8. I don't have a social life nor a night life. Sucks to be me huh?

9. I feel sad whenever I think about those people who lost their loved ones, especially this year. I don't even want to think about me losing someone I love. I just wish that those people who lost their loved ones find strength and courage to keep moving on with their lives. *sniff*

10. I once lied about going to school but in reality I just spend the whole day at home with my boyfraaannn. (That was one time.. :( )

11. I'd rather die. I don't want to eat human flesh.

12. I am worrying about Christmas. I am having a hard time saving up 'cause my friend, Crystel, always seduce me to eat in our cafeteria. And I hate how I fell for food. Huhu.

13. Everyone in Tumblr is wonderful except those sneaky, little anons who hate somebody for having a good time or having such a life. If only my boyfraaannn have a Tumblr, I would choose him. But whether he has or he doesn't have, I still want to marry him. Umm, what's shag?

14. I harvest my booger a lot. Hrhr.

15. "but I will remain where the top begins cause I am not a word, I am not a line
I am not a girl that can every be defined, I am not fly, I am levitation, I represent an entire generation..."

16. Naaah.

17. I regret about not taking up Fine Arts. I always have this nostalgia whenever I am in the Fine Arts floor in our school. 

- wash our clothes ( √ )
- pack my lunch ( _ )
- prepare for school ( _ )
- procrastinate ( √, I was like procrastinating since I woke up. Hrhr. )

Just so you know, I seldom wear make up and fix my hair.
20. No to premarital sex. Don't have sex if you aren't married yet.

21. √

22. ***** meeeeeehhhhh

23. N O T H I N G .

24. Turn-ons:
- sense of humor
- cleanliness
- a wee bit of beauty with a full-blown brain
- artistically inclined
- naive

- smelly and scruffy
- stiff
- war freak
- disrespectful
- 1-liner replies

25. I'd like to be with Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda for a day. I would love to meet Vice Ganda because he is superbly funny and he has this connection in my funny bones. Anne Curtis because I love her style, her shoes (well, 'cause one of her sponsor is Michael Antonio, that's why.).

26. Keyboard. Cellphone. Food. Towel. Bathroom. (I have to move already and prepare for school.)

27. Blind item na lang. I don't want to cause any friction and that someone might read this eh.
Okay. Da who?  She always post about everything that is happening in her life. What she cooked for her boyfriend, what she did with her boyfriend, her school frustrations, her face. Argh! It really gets me 'cause I hate stuff like that. Why post such things? Get a Twitter and there, bombard your nonsense posts there.

28. When I meet people. I am socially awkward, really. I am awkward.

29. I am not proud of the fact that I am almost being sucked by the technology. Lately, I feel like slowly I am being stupid and all, 'cause all I do when I have spare time or even if I have other things to do, you would always see me in front of the laptop and it sucks because I can feel that my IQ, my knowledge, my brain is degrading. 

30. With my boyfriend. Because he is always sleeping on me.

Chic. Pray. Love.

Barbie pink shoulder puff top | Php150 / $3.50 

Star printed top / dress / swimsuit cover up | Php150 / $3.50

You love Anne Curtis? vintage top | Php150 / $3.50

Emily's cat shirt | Php150 / $3.50

Feather and Hearts | Php75 / $1.75

Dream catcher earrings | Php80 / $2

Multi-colored feathers | Php75 / $1.75

November 27, 2011


What is taking Facebook so long to upload my photos?
I was like waiting for about an hour now just to upload EIGHT photos.
Umm.. Hello Mr. Zucherberg?

November 26, 2011

Teenage Love Affair

outtake. who curled my hair? Boyfriend. :)

M&M chocolate melts in our hands. I mean, are we that hot?

I look like a crap here.

My babe with his happy face 'cause me likey his bag. :)

November 25, 2011


Here's a teaser of my new collection coming out this Sunday in my SHOP.

Had a 4-hour shoot with my boyfriend who photographed me today. 
Kudos to my love for pulling off this one, though it is just between me, him and my shop.
He asked me to give credits to him 'cause he was really an eager beaver today.
He really own that innate talent when it comes to art.
And we somehow share the same passion.
Thank you babe.

So, what do we have in store for you?
A few cups of dresses and a dash of shirts.
Hope you could drop-by this Sunday, around 8- 8:30 P.M. in my shop.
See you!



November 24, 2011

J'ai besoin, je veux, et j'adore.

November 23, 2011

I know, I haven't been present lately. Though I am really sneaking around my blog, I am always not in the mood to post something. I am starting to feel the hate-love-hate-love connection with my blog once again.
But nevertheless, I am back.
I am super thrilled to release my collection 'cause it is made up of wonderful goodies. I, myself is super in love with the clothes I have purchased for my shop. You better not miss this one..
In my entire 1 year in online selling, I can really say that this will be my best collection ever. 
Best finds ever. Though I have to jack up the price a little bit, just a little bit.
I am just really HAPPY. I can't even... Ugh! The feeling is just magnifique.
I will release my lovely CHIC. PRAY. LOVE. Collection this coming Sunday, November 27, 2011 at exactly 8 PM. Set your alarms already!
Don't you ever miss this one.
I am going to publish the teaser this coming Friday.
For now, I will leave you with this photo.

Bonne Nuit!

November 21, 2011

Weekend whereabouts

20 feet above the ground | Forever 21- Makati | Poolside | Grocery | Department Store | Home

November 18, 2011

Bullet Friday

☼ I am still wide awake around 12:15 midnight, I was trying this sock bun thingy in my hair cause I want to have a curly or wavy hair when I woke up in the morning.
☼ From time to time, I woke up. It sucks.
☼ Woke up around 8 am.
☼ Walked straight in front of the mirror and try to take out the sock bun, I thought the result would look like the one I have watched but I guess assuming really do hurts a lot. It turns out a failure. My hair wasn't wavy at all. It was just similar to what my hair looks every morning-- scruffy.
☼ Watched Phineas and Ferb.
☼ I was about to make this entry and to check on some of my online stuff then our laptop didn't want to open at all. It has this failure notice about something which I cannot fully understand.
☼ So I just went upstairs and yeah, just used our desktop.
☼ Heart problems.
☼ Have to go.

November 17, 2011


Sometimes, it is just really hard to pretend that you are fine, that everything is fine particularly when deep inside you are no longer whole--- shattered. You will at least try to forget things so that your tomorrow could be a great day, could somehow be different from how you feel last night. But little did you know, tomorrow is just another day. Same feeling, same emotion, same anguish. You put on a happy vibes when you are with your friends attempting to fake them with your poker face but in reality, you wanted to burst in your thoughts, pain and just breakdown and show the real sentiment inside you. But again, you can't.
You must be strong, at least try to appear strong though deep down your system, you are weak. You try to do things, keep yourself busy to avoid that unhappy sting but whenever you stop for awhile and just take a break, that feeling will grow back, swallowing every inch of you. Crying underneath your sheets until you fall asleep.

Why do people take people for granted? Why?