November 17, 2011


Sometimes, it is just really hard to pretend that you are fine, that everything is fine particularly when deep inside you are no longer whole--- shattered. You will at least try to forget things so that your tomorrow could be a great day, could somehow be different from how you feel last night. But little did you know, tomorrow is just another day. Same feeling, same emotion, same anguish. You put on a happy vibes when you are with your friends attempting to fake them with your poker face but in reality, you wanted to burst in your thoughts, pain and just breakdown and show the real sentiment inside you. But again, you can't.
You must be strong, at least try to appear strong though deep down your system, you are weak. You try to do things, keep yourself busy to avoid that unhappy sting but whenever you stop for awhile and just take a break, that feeling will grow back, swallowing every inch of you. Crying underneath your sheets until you fall asleep.

Why do people take people for granted? Why?

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