December 31, 2011

Looking forward to 2012

Looking forward in filling up these pages with some artsy stuff.
Few more minutes to go before 2012.

Last photographs of 2011

I can't believe I am still listening to All I want for Christmas by Justin Bieber ft. Mariah Carey.

Photographs I took earlier today. I was sort of being artistic today. Meeeh.
Went to Greenhills again ( I know right). Bought some stuff.
I went home with 3 tops. They are all in my list but wasn't expecting to get them today but luckily, I found them. 
Sheer blouse, poncho top and boyfriend's shirt.
I am still searching for the perfect pump wedge and I am still torn if I'll just order online or just buy in MA. I still don't know.

Geez. These firecrackers are driving my nerves crazy.
See you next year y'all!
Be safe and have a happy new year!


2011 Recap

January: As far as I can remember, this was the month that I was cramming 'cause I haven't saved  up yet for the camera that I am planning to buy by that time.

February: The month that I got Harlow. It was kinda fun 'cause I have bought something that I want with my own money and that I have worked hard for it. Hmm.

March: Me and boyfriend watched the Pyromusical Competition to celebrate our 5th anniversary. It was fun though it was drizzling. Later that month, something devastating happened to my boyfriend's family.

April: It was my first time to visit my boyfriend's place.

May: I was here at home the whole time. The most boring vacation ever.

June: The time that I was already planning to buy my first DSLR.

July: I have sold my Harlow already and was negotiating with my Dad and Uncle on what camera to buy and how would the terms be.

August: Wait for it... Wait for it.. I got my first DSLR already, Percy Jackson. I was super happy.

September: Nothing interesting happened I guess..

October: Flaring. It was the worst moment of my life. Frustrated. Though I didn't prepare for it that much.

November: Wake up call! I cried when I knew I didn't make it to the Dean's List and that I didn't got the half-scholarship. I easily moved on 'cause my Mom told me that I didn't do my best anyway which is true 'cause I was like procrastinating and cramming 24/7.

December: I am now planning on how I want my 2012 would be. I was more on doodling and rendering this month. Ohh BTW, I don't need a pen tablet and illustrator anymore. I already know how to do it in PS. I got almost all of the things I want this Christmas.

I know my 2011 went a little bit like a roller coaster ride.
I was once up then I am suddenly went down.

Cheers for the freakin' year end.. Drink to that! 2012 <3

December 29, 2011

Cheers for the New Year

Inspiration X Desires

Desire: Leopard Shorts

Inspiration X Desire: This outfit. Black blazer, deconstructed denim cut-offs, huge bag.

Inspiration: Spontaneous photo

Desire: This, this and this.

Inspiration: Put studs on shorts.

Inspiration: This kind of photograph.

Photo Dump

trusty pair of sneakers

film camera

light paint

December 28, 2011

Sad Feet

I intend not to show off my head since it so hagardous already.
This was taken inside the posh fitting room of F21 in Megamall around 6:30 p.m.
I was in the vicinity of Ortigas from 12 noon up to 7:30 p.m. and my feet ain't happy about that.
Though I was wearing a comfy sneaks, it wasn't still enough for a 5-hours strolling inside Greenhills Shopping Center, a walk from Robinson's Galleria to Megamall and stroll again.

Me: My feet will die soon.

Him: Why said so?

Me: I can feel it palpitating. Slowly... dying!

Him: What are you gonna do with it? Cut it off?

Me: Yuck! -_-

This day wasn't all fancy 'cause we had a little squabble when we got into Megamall.
I thought I will go home alone.
Good thing, he picked up my call and we meet up again.
I was lost in my own anguish.

After all, I only ended up with a new pair of jeans.
I hate the fact that it is super skinny and my legs isn't skinny at all.
I am still thinking if I will go back to Greenhills tomorrow since my sister will do her shopping and I am obliged to accompany her but I still want to try to invite my Dad to come with us 'cause I hate commuting via public transportation.
MRT is so horrible. I don't like buses. And the heat, the sweat and the dust... I can't even.. ugh! *end*


December 27, 2011

Happy Christmas presents

What's hiding behind these bags full of goodies?
What? They're on sale.
These lovelies made me utter OMG!
Random lippies I got from my relatives.

I am finally back from the Christmas rush and all that.
My Christmas 2011 went okay, just like the usual, noche buena with my Mom's side and Christmas day with my Dad's.
But the gifts I have received this year was exceptional.
It really made me happy. What a coincident that I received the things I am still planning to buy myself, with my own money.
I can really say that this is my most tipid Christmas ever.
I got some of the things that I want minus the expense. Hrhrhr.

That L'Oreal lipstick is one of the gifts that I loved the most.
Me and my friend Crystel are scheduled to buy something from L'Oreal this coming January but since my Ninang and Uncle got it already for me, I've saved Php450. :)

Yesterday, we went to Forever 21 in Makati and well, yeah, me and my sister shopped 'til we drop.
I got 3 tops which are, luckily, on sale and I super love them 'cause they all looked good on me.
And drum roll please, I got the sneakers that I want, I got two of them. 
The other night, I've checked out the website of Forever 21 and saw the Keds like sneakers being sold at around $12 or $14. I never thought that it is already available here and yeah, I have them already.
I have saved Php1600 which happens to be my allotted budget in buying a pair of Keds sneakers.I didn't pay for the Forever 21 goodies as well 'cause my Uncle, who lives with us, payed for it and I am so grateful to him for spoiling us a little. He loves buying chocolates, Oreos, candies and he also watch ANTM.

This has been sufficiently swank.


December 23, 2011


Currently working on these simple pleasures..

Yesterday, we went to Greenhills Shopping Center and as always, it never fail me when it comes to the fashion finds I need and want. Though, I am a bit devastated when the shoes that I want to buy isn't available in the color that I want anymore. Sniff.
On the contrary, I've been obsessing in anything leopard or tiger again. And it was kinda funny 'cause my Dad already know about it since everything that I held yesterday was leopard printed.

2 more days to go 'til Christmas.

Have a good day, Friday. :)


December 22, 2011

Style Icons

1. Miley Cyrus

Miley influenced me the Boho meets Rocker Chic.
Knits to maxi dresses to black nails to stacks of arm accessories to dream catcher tattoo which I am planning to have soon.

2. Olsen Twins

On the other hand, the Olsen Twins made me love the oversize look.
The plain white shirt, the red lips and the vintage vibe.

3. Lindsay Lohan

The moment I've watched Freaky Friday and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen,
I've felt the urge of wanting to have a pair of grungy sneakers and army pants.
She also love the old American style in which she really looks like Marilyn Monroe who is a style icon herself as well.

4. Vanessa Hudgens

Her petite figure is my basis on what will look good on me too 'cause I am kind of a petite as well.

One of goal this coming year is to be more fashionable and to invest more on the closet must haves I have listed earlier and to buy more shoes. :)



December 21, 2011


The serene and gloomy weather woke me up today.

I am currently working on a lot of things lately.
Planning stuff. Working on it. Writing. Writing. And a lot of doodling.

Last Saturday, we (me, my sister and cousin) spent 7 hours lurking and strolling within the vicinity of north triangle (meaning Trinoma and SM North). We've planned to shop together (which we haven't done before) for our Christmas new stuff. We've bought shoes and clothes and art stuff.
I have spent most in Papemelroti which is a very very lovely shop, well because their stuff are so environmental friendly, the atmosphere inside their shop is so vintage and everything is super worth it.
I bought a lot of journals since I love writing and sketching on the corner of the pages.

I have bought the cardboard like paper since I am working on my new project, which is bookmarks with a twist. :) It is a bit expensive though so I just shared it with my sister.

I've been eyeing this pair of lovely flats since last month and it is so pretty and growling. :)

I have always been a leopard and tiger lover so yeah, I have also bought a leopard pair of shorts.

More of my recent hauls will be posted next week since Christmas is almost upon us and all of us are busy and preoccupied by celebrations and parties.

Currently not inspired. Toodles.