December 31, 2011

2011 Recap

January: As far as I can remember, this was the month that I was cramming 'cause I haven't saved  up yet for the camera that I am planning to buy by that time.

February: The month that I got Harlow. It was kinda fun 'cause I have bought something that I want with my own money and that I have worked hard for it. Hmm.

March: Me and boyfriend watched the Pyromusical Competition to celebrate our 5th anniversary. It was fun though it was drizzling. Later that month, something devastating happened to my boyfriend's family.

April: It was my first time to visit my boyfriend's place.

May: I was here at home the whole time. The most boring vacation ever.

June: The time that I was already planning to buy my first DSLR.

July: I have sold my Harlow already and was negotiating with my Dad and Uncle on what camera to buy and how would the terms be.

August: Wait for it... Wait for it.. I got my first DSLR already, Percy Jackson. I was super happy.

September: Nothing interesting happened I guess..

October: Flaring. It was the worst moment of my life. Frustrated. Though I didn't prepare for it that much.

November: Wake up call! I cried when I knew I didn't make it to the Dean's List and that I didn't got the half-scholarship. I easily moved on 'cause my Mom told me that I didn't do my best anyway which is true 'cause I was like procrastinating and cramming 24/7.

December: I am now planning on how I want my 2012 would be. I was more on doodling and rendering this month. Ohh BTW, I don't need a pen tablet and illustrator anymore. I already know how to do it in PS. I got almost all of the things I want this Christmas.

I know my 2011 went a little bit like a roller coaster ride.
I was once up then I am suddenly went down.

Cheers for the freakin' year end.. Drink to that! 2012 <3

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