December 07, 2011

Camera stuff wishes for the nth time

This will be my nth post about what I want for Christmas for my camera and to feed my cameralust.


1. Instax Mini 7s in white, full, plain, all white.
Why? Since I am a vintage loving person, I believe that polaroid photos is a must and that I would like to have one 'cause it is fancy.

2. Holga lens for DSLR.
Why? Same as my reason on why I want an Instax.
Holga cameras requires film and how much would it cost me if I will still develop photos?
There is a 99.9% chance that I will be getting this one on my birthday. :)

3. Fisheye camera.
Why? Seriously? This is what I wanted in the first place. Hrhr.
I am still torn between this and the Instax.
Since this one requires film and I am still thinking if which one will be more practical to buy.

4. Nikkor 70- 300mm lens for DSLR.
Why? I need a telephoto lens so that I could take a closer look at the moon and since I owned a super zoom camera before I am still craving for the benefits that a long zoom could give my shots.

5. Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D or G.
Why? Almost all of the books I have read and all of the people I have consulted on what should be the  "it" lens that could take great shots of people and places, they all led me into this baby.
In one of the books I have read, it stated that a 50mm lens is the one closer to what the human eyes could see.
Though 1.8D is much cheaper than the latter, it will not auto-focus on my camera since my camera is one of the latest models that doesn't have a focus motor.
I cannot use manual always 'cause I might miss a moment or a great shot.
I need one before March, before our outbound trip.

So to those who are blessed and fortunate in life, well, share your blessings. Hrhr.


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