December 27, 2011

Happy Christmas presents

What's hiding behind these bags full of goodies?
What? They're on sale.
These lovelies made me utter OMG!
Random lippies I got from my relatives.

I am finally back from the Christmas rush and all that.
My Christmas 2011 went okay, just like the usual, noche buena with my Mom's side and Christmas day with my Dad's.
But the gifts I have received this year was exceptional.
It really made me happy. What a coincident that I received the things I am still planning to buy myself, with my own money.
I can really say that this is my most tipid Christmas ever.
I got some of the things that I want minus the expense. Hrhrhr.

That L'Oreal lipstick is one of the gifts that I loved the most.
Me and my friend Crystel are scheduled to buy something from L'Oreal this coming January but since my Ninang and Uncle got it already for me, I've saved Php450. :)

Yesterday, we went to Forever 21 in Makati and well, yeah, me and my sister shopped 'til we drop.
I got 3 tops which are, luckily, on sale and I super love them 'cause they all looked good on me.
And drum roll please, I got the sneakers that I want, I got two of them. 
The other night, I've checked out the website of Forever 21 and saw the Keds like sneakers being sold at around $12 or $14. I never thought that it is already available here and yeah, I have them already.
I have saved Php1600 which happens to be my allotted budget in buying a pair of Keds sneakers.I didn't pay for the Forever 21 goodies as well 'cause my Uncle, who lives with us, payed for it and I am so grateful to him for spoiling us a little. He loves buying chocolates, Oreos, candies and he also watch ANTM.

This has been sufficiently swank.


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