December 07, 2011

How's your day?

It went like a little bit typical.
I woke up around 8 AM, though I set the alarm at 7:45 AM.
Went down, read the newspaper, wonders about the new planet, Keppler 22B.
At around 8:45, I turned on the laptop and check out some stuff and had a few words with my sweetie and asked something to my friend/ blockmate, Ariel, who texted me last night just to say:
"Goodnight Fionang mayabang."
I don't even know why but I guess, it is because I answered correctly yesterday when our professor in History asked me something and he didn't quite answered that well.
So our first subject for today, Costing, starts at 10:30 AM. While all my blockmates are rushing through the elevator or stairs, I am still at home, lurking.
I got there at around 11:30 AM, 30-minutes before the bell rings again. No professor.
At 12 noon, we transferred into the other building for our Accounting class.
Accounting = Mind bugging.
I can't even... ugh!
But I understand it a bit and confusion is a good sign that I am learning something.
Went home. Freaking hungry. What's for my late lunch?
Last night's palabok.

The weather is gloomy, and I hate it.


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