December 31, 2011

Last photographs of 2011

I can't believe I am still listening to All I want for Christmas by Justin Bieber ft. Mariah Carey.

Photographs I took earlier today. I was sort of being artistic today. Meeeh.
Went to Greenhills again ( I know right). Bought some stuff.
I went home with 3 tops. They are all in my list but wasn't expecting to get them today but luckily, I found them. 
Sheer blouse, poncho top and boyfriend's shirt.
I am still searching for the perfect pump wedge and I am still torn if I'll just order online or just buy in MA. I still don't know.

Geez. These firecrackers are driving my nerves crazy.
See you next year y'all!
Be safe and have a happy new year!


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