December 21, 2011


The serene and gloomy weather woke me up today.

I am currently working on a lot of things lately.
Planning stuff. Working on it. Writing. Writing. And a lot of doodling.

Last Saturday, we (me, my sister and cousin) spent 7 hours lurking and strolling within the vicinity of north triangle (meaning Trinoma and SM North). We've planned to shop together (which we haven't done before) for our Christmas new stuff. We've bought shoes and clothes and art stuff.
I have spent most in Papemelroti which is a very very lovely shop, well because their stuff are so environmental friendly, the atmosphere inside their shop is so vintage and everything is super worth it.
I bought a lot of journals since I love writing and sketching on the corner of the pages.

I have bought the cardboard like paper since I am working on my new project, which is bookmarks with a twist. :) It is a bit expensive though so I just shared it with my sister.

I've been eyeing this pair of lovely flats since last month and it is so pretty and growling. :)

I have always been a leopard and tiger lover so yeah, I have also bought a leopard pair of shorts.

More of my recent hauls will be posted next week since Christmas is almost upon us and all of us are busy and preoccupied by celebrations and parties.

Currently not inspired. Toodles.


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