December 01, 2011

The perks and drawbacks of online shopping

- Mostly, their items are much cheaper online than in their physical store here in our country.
- You will most likely see a much wider variety of products.
- Convenient. Since, all you have to do is sit in front of your computer, browse and click on stuff that you are willing to buy.

- Since, most of these brands are from either U.S. or Europe, the shipping fee will be much more expensive than the items that you put in your shopping cart.
- Payment options... CREDIT CARD. You wouldn't want to use your Mom's or your Dad's since they will discover the joy and the amount of money you spend in online shopping.
- Custom taxes or charges. You wouldn't know. It might still be excluded from the shipping fee you have paid and let's face it, most of the time, custom taxes range from Php1,000 or more. (Though I have learned from some bloggers who shops internationally that when you choose to ship your item through our post, though it would take a long time, custom taxes cost Php40 or something only. Well, I don't know.)

Well, these are just my opinions. I tried shopping in the other day 'cause I have learned that they are currently on sale and that before, someone told me that when your order exceeds $50, the shipping is free of charge already. But base on what I have experienced, that wasn't the case. That free shipping offer is just for those who are living within U.S. and their only payment option is thru credit card which I still don't have since I am only 19.
Maybe I will just shop in Forever 21-Makati or Megamall na lang. However, some of the items I am looking for is not available in their branches. Maybe in F21-Cebu? Why not putting up Forever 21 here in North Edsa? WHY NOT?


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