December 09, 2011


(fair, white, beautiful)

These are the words that came out when I googled for the meaning of my name, Fiona.
Jeez, are ye kidding me?
I ain't fair nor white but beautiful? well,  it's all up to you.
This is the first time I searched for the meaning of my name, and may I just say, I am a little bit disappointed of the meaning 'cause I don't like the fact that it is all about the physical aspect.

If I will be asked, what should my name means like, I would utterly say;
Fiona means a chaser of happiness, a curiouser, a sky lover.
Subconsciously, it is me.

I am indeed a chaser of happiness.
I make sure that all of the things I do somehow makes me happy, though not completely happy, but at least I can be happy.
Happiness is not defined by material things nor can be bought by money.
Happiness for me are the moments that you feel free, that moment where you are completely yourself and doesn't care about what others would say about you, achieving something that you know you worked hard for and adoring even the littlest reason or idea.

A curiouser.
My Dad once told me, "You should  be a police or an investigator."
'Cause I always ask questions and I am not always satisfied with a single answer.
I want to know about everything, every little details, every little points, everything.
I always ask why?.

A sky lover.
I really don't get it why I am always fond of the sky, the clouds.
I want to know what's up there. What are the occurrence between those large fluffy cumulus.
I am afraid of heights but I want to try flying someday.

These are just some of the things I have discovered within me this year.
I am keen to know myself more so that I wouldn't be blank slated if someone would ask me,
"Tell me about yourself." or "Describe yourself."

Tata! Bisous.

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