December 11, 2011

Why do they call this day Sunday? The weather is gloomy and wet.

We have gone to my Uncle's in Paranaque earlier today to celebrate my Lolo's birthday.
Just like the usual, me and my cousins hanged out together and goofed around and talked about our shopping spree this coming Saturday (all-girls). Hrhr.
Afterwards, we went to Cash N' Carry in Makati and may I just say it looks like GH now.
We got stuck in traffic somewhere in Baclaran wherein I fell asleep already and I don't know how long I had slept but when I woke up we are still in that place. It just suck 'cause there are no reason for the traffic at all. 

On the other hand..
My gramma gave me some canvas cloth. I haven't checked it out yet, but since I am the one who carried it, I think it is sufficient for my soon to be project.
I am still looking for some of the materials I'll be needing and I am still canvassing on the printing and the needlework.
Hopefully, I could push through with my project earlier next year.
Crossing my fingers.

Exam week is almost upon me, starting tomorrow.
I had a rough day last Thursday and it is, as to date, one of the worst and pissing day of my life.
I forgot my History book on the day where my professor had conducted a book checking thingy.
And the other reason... May I just skip on telling about it? I don't want any issue. Okay.

Super excited on this coming Friday 'cause I'll be cooking for my boyfriend 'cause we'll be celebrating his birthday. We are going Italian and American this Friday. :)

I am a little bit groggy already, so goodnight and sleep tight y'all.


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