December 18, 2012

To my one in a six billion. . .


Oh my glob! You're 21 already babe.

Well, I have been part of you and your life for almost 6 years and quite some months already and I have seen you on your dark suburban days and in your euphoric points. I have seen you laugh, cry, frown, smile, dance, draw, write, sing, make fun of yourself, goof, serious, blank, I have almost seen how you've grown up from a teeny bopper to an (almost) mature, serious, gym bum guy.

I would just like to apologize 'cause we both know how I've been so grumpy and PMS-ing lately. I admire your patience and for understanding my attitude (especially towards you). I know I have been acting like a bitch to you and I am sorry babe. Sorry if sometimes I lose hope, get defeated and almost give up.

Thank you babe! For being with me through thick and thin (literally, LOL).
You are my best friend and I have told you that a million times before.
You know every bits and pieces about me and I trust you on that.
You've heard me fart (and even smelled it HAHA!), burp, rant. You've seen me on my happiest and saddest. And I love how we can be best friends and lovers at the same time. Thank you for the attention you've been giving me particularly when I am over thinking and when I think crazy. Thank you for the "GO BABE! YOU CAN DO IT!" messages, for the "NICE ONE!" compliments, for being my #1 fan and nemesis (haha). We might be contradictory to one another sometimes but we always find something that we both like, something that we are both fond of. Thank you for being so supportive like f*ck. Thank you for the long hugs, stolen kisses and for the sweet gestures you've been doing for me.
Yeah, I know you are not that showy and sweetie patootie kind of guy but whatever.


Cover me up, cuddle me in, lie down with me and hold me in your arms.


December 03, 2012

Bead works

Yes, my DIYs still rock! :)


November 12, 2012


Sometimes, I find myself lost in this valley of darkness I am in to.
Looking and applying for a job is not funny bro, the shit's not funny.
Whatever stress this job hunting I am experiencing lately might just be a snippet of how hard really life is outside school.
Days felt like weeks and weeks felt like months.
I have accept the fact that this is my fault and maybe, just maybe, this is the downside of being so lax in those times that I should be applying already.
For a moment, I have realized a lot of things.
One is, friends leave and the only friend you can rely on is yourself.
The number one reason why I didn't apply early is that I am waiting for my friends. I want us to apply together 'cause I want us to be in just one company.
We are almost 8 who applied together back then and suddenly, everything fell apart.
From 8 we became 3, from 3 we became 2.
And there are some circumstances that I feel like I should do this thing on my own already.
There are times that I am forced to lie because I am too polite to tell my friends some stuff and I don't want to make them feel that I am already doing my own thing, all by myself.
Rejection is painful especially when it is done in your face.
But you just have to shrug it off and look things on a more positive way that maybe God has something better for you.
For the past months, when I am almost losing hope and faith, I have been very godly.
Those who are brokenhearted are closer to God, they say and yes it is true.
But sometimes I stumble on the fact that nothing is happening and praying leads to nothing and I feel sorry for myself.
I feel sorry for myself 'cause I haven't achieved my goal and my ego is being affected because I see my classmates, my friends being so blessed and I kept asking God WHY?
Why is it things aren't working out the way I wanted it to be?
Why do other people get what they want and I don't get mine?
Why am I being rejected so much?
But then, I realize that God has better plans. It might not work in my own way but rather in God's way.
And maybe, just maybe, there's a much better opportunity that is coming for me.
BTW, I have been accepted in a company already but still having doubts if I will grab it but then I guess I will.
Thank you God! :)


November 02, 2012


So this is what I do when I am bored to death.
I don't entirely post all the pictures I have been taking so that if I have nothing to do with my life,
I can play with my best bud Adobe, fool around and voila!
I have always been a huge fan of vintage-y kind of post processing and I love giving my images a sense of warmth.
These photographs are randomly taken months ago.
Good thing I love taking behind-the-scene photographs.
Blah blah blah.. Glob glob glob.. Yak yak yak..

Nothing more to say.


October 25, 2012

Defense (Feasibility Study)


Goofers (Convention Management)

goofing around while on break.
L-R: Stephy, Patring, Moi, JCbels
with Mina

playing Pop Flux
channeling our inner Lana Del Rey


Dreamer by heart

OMFG! I have missed my blogger so much!
It has been months since the last time I have posted something here.
The reason why I have been MIA the past few months is that school is preoccupying me.
Feasibility study. Thesis. Research papers. Events organizing activities. Documentations. Projects.
And yeah, I got busy with my friends.
I have made the most out of our last semester in school together.
I frequently went out with them.
Monday-and-Wednesday nights we're the best.
And spontaneous hangouts was just, ugh, it's like a dream come true.

I will be photo dumping here photographs of events, hangouts and random stuff I did while I was missing here.
So for now, here's my face.
My hair is drop dead sexy and long already and I love it. :)


August 25, 2012

Yesterday... all my troubles seems so far away.

Took my baby out for a walk yesterday.
I wasn't able to experiment and was stuck in P mode.

T'was my first time to spend a day alone with these people. Usually, before I agree going with them, I make sure I was with a really close friend but this time I dunno why I let myself to be with them alone. I thought it would be a complete awkwardness, but I cannot hide the fact that throughout the day I have been awkward towards them, well, just a bit.
I was able to be my self "SELF" with them.
I was able to speak out whatever I wanna say and yeah, I enjoyed a lot, I mean A LOT.
Yesterday was one of the best days in my life.
I have been dreaming of having a group of friends whom I can be with in spontaneous road trips, adventures and the likes and I think I found them.
Mom liked them a lot.
I was a little bit sloppy last night and kept asking, "WHY?"
"Why only now?"
"Why didn't I met them 2 years earlier?"
For almost a month or two now, we will be in our separate ways again, 'cause we will be having our 2nd and last OJT already. I just wish, all of us five (JC wasn't in the pictures 'cause he is MIA-ing) will be in one company so I can know them better and so they'll know me better. And I do hope this so-called, umm, friendship would stay for keeps.
No tears.. No.. I will not cry.. Oh God.. *tears*