January 29, 2012

To day:

January 29, 2012


How y'all doing?
I wasn't able to blog yesterday because my schedule is so jam-packed.
But I'll bullet how my day went yesterday:

-Woke up around 9AM and as usual, watched Phineas and Ferb.
-Went online and check on some stuff, and I have made a banner/ teaser for my shop's 3rd clothing collection and 1st clothing collection for this year, WANDERER.
-Prep myself for the interview that we'll conduct in one of the biggest food chain here in the Philippines.
-I am a little bit late (as always) 'cause I forgot to make our certificate the other night.
-I met up with my two friends, Crystel and Tibs. And unfortunately, we went to the wrong branch. (Waste of time and fare)
-When we got there, we aren't promptly entertained because there are a lot of things going on and they're really busy.
-Patience is a virtue. Spent merely 1 1/2 hours there.
-Luckily, beside that establishment is a thrift store. Knowing me, I would never pass-by a thrift store. Hrhr.
They're on sale, as in sale, 3 for 100, 4 for 100, outer wears selling for 60 each and shoes, 130/ pair. *panting*
I can't wait to get my hands on their racks. Having only P120 in my wallet, I still went home with a tulle maxi skirt, a pair of brown-mustard trousers and a pink blazer. The blazer is such a steal because it is so pretty like those being sold in Romwe and for only P60? Not bad.
As much as I want to visit that store more often, I can't because it's out of my way home and it'll take me two rides from school to get there.
-Went to my uncle's house and the spicy tuna fettuccine is so lip-smacking delicious. (Shobe is so cute.) I was also forced to sip on the pumpkin soup, it was delish too but you know how I hate vegetables plus I bet it has a cream in there (and milk products are a big NO-NO for me).

Time is flying so fast. January is going to end already and just a month or two, we'll be having our internship already. I am so freaking nervous and I am so not yet ready for this. We have a lot of papers due this coming February so we need to move our butts off and start interviewing some of the establishments we need to interview and hopefully, have a hassle-free OJT application. I just wish.

I need to have a retail therapy this week. So I might visit some thrift shops again this week and search for trousers in different colors and some tops for several occasions. I am also expecting the wedge I have ordered this week and wishing that it turns out how I expect it to be. I might buy a pair of loafers also (still thinking about this) this coming week since SM North will have a sale.

I am super excited for my Wanderer Collection which will be released this February 5. Why? Because, I went out of my comfort zone this time. Just watch out for it, pinky promise? : )

I am currently working on my wrap and friendship bracelets which will be available anytime in February.
Yiiiihhh, I have been spending a lot lately nanaman. Then afterwards, I will regret nanaman.

Sleep tight. Goodnight.



A little piece of advice

But if you think you are doing pretty well, then you should be a hypocrite, besides, it looks good on you.

January 27, 2012


Chan Luu inspired bracelet project | almost complete

So today is Friday and I have no classes.
I am a little bit bored so I've decided to make a Chan Luu inspired wrap bracelet.
It was my second project for this month and I am just like so happy to finally make one.
I was kinda hesitant at first 'cause I thought I have insufficient materials but when I checked my stash,
I have found some items and voila!

I'll be teaching my boyfriend how to make one so we can produce plenty of it and hopefully start selling it by February.

Frustration: Curly hair.
Which explains why my hair is wavy today.
Well I just wish my hair is sort of wavy and not boring straight.
I am planning to get my hair permed and bleached but I'm afraid that I might not get into my OJT.
So I have to wait until my graduation which is a year from now.


This was supposed to be a bracelet thingy post but I have (again) inserted about wanting a wavy hair.


January 26, 2012


Well, since the start of this year, everyone was busy catching up with their own 366 project.
I was thinking, what if I make my own version of this? But I do not always carry my camera along with me and that I am so effin' busy with other stuff. But I have made one in my Flickr account but I don't think I will finish it and because I am kind of cheating 'cause sometimes if I fail to update that project for a day, I will just upload photos the next day. So it was kinda nonsense. Get it?
So instead, I just made my own version of these project thingy that I think will suit my schedule and my lifestyle. Drumroll please........


Honestly, I don't think of myself as someone who's fashion forward or something.
But I guess, there's always a room for a change.
I have been thrift shopping again, most of the time. It was like a therapy and at the same time, I am like having my own quality time with myself.
So, once a week, I will post an all-dolled up post (outfit post) here in my blog and I just wish I could keep up with it.
God, I am so excited with this one.

On the other hand,
I am so proud of myself these past few days.
I don't know what's inside of me that makes me, argh, what to call this?
Well, everyone knows how quiet I am, especially in school. I don't recite that much. Really.
But every time I am being called to recite, I can answer very well, without reading anything.
It's just mind-blowing and I don't even know how to thank God for this gift, but God, if you are reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH AN D I LOVE YOU TO BITS. :)


January 23, 2012

Feb. Project: Wrap bracelets


 "A dream would always be a dream if  you wouldn't act."

I am once a dreamer and would always be a dreamer.
Once you stop dreaming, you stop living.
There are a lot of people out there who are a living testaments that dreams do come true.

*** enough about dreams.

I know, a lot of us still didn't know what real happiness is.
But, know what, I guess, 
happiness will depend on us.
If we will find something that will really make us happy for good,
a person, a job, a hobby anything,
as long as, we will love it by heart,
as long as, we will do it for ourselves,
not for others, not for anybody else.
If we will do something to impress others or to outdo others,
do you think it would make us feel better?
Or do you think it will make us a better person?
I believe, not.
Competition is healthy, as long as you are doing it to challenge yourself, to hone your skills/ knowledge but not to the point that you are almost getting personal and almost hurting other people.
Have you heard about the Madonna- Lady Gaga thing?
Madonna haven't said that she is mad at Gaga for almost copying one of her song.
Madonna herself has been inspired by Marilyn Monroe,
she is inspired by her and from there she built her own self, she did incorporate her own style to Marilyn's style that's why she became a pop icon, who she is now.
Gaga is kind of doing the same thing.
She is inspired by Madonna but she is taking it to another level by wearing extravagant/ out of this world outfits and her music videos? exceptional.
It is good to be inspired but not to the point that you are almost emulating or copying the person.
Yes, you can be inspired by them but don't forget to incorporate your own style or your own personality.
"Imitation is a kind of obsequious and yet "user-friendly" flattery."
Don't be reductive, meaning simplified and sort of crude.
You should build your own personality that's why the word unique exists.
Go out, alone. Discover yourself. Reflect.

***OMG! Can't believe I am saying this.

People will believe in you, if you will believe in yourself.
(Maybe I should say this to myself.)
Yes, I am lacking self-confidence.
I am not that optimistic and I am a downer.
But I guess, I am improving.
Now that I have been blogging and expressing myself through this.
Whatever you see or read here in my blog is me.
I seldom speak, but here, I can say whatever I want.
"I blog to express, not to impress."
And frequent readers and friends who have told me that I am so good at this boosts my confidence.
And it made me decide to keep this blog moving.
Thank you for believing in me. Really, thank you.
You all know who you are, thank you.

I haven't experienced being criticized in my blogging life yet but in real life, well, 
I have been through hell and back.
There are really a lot of people who picks on you and would criticize the tiniest thing about you.
I am not perfect.
I have dark skin, rabbit teeth, clubbed thumb, humongous legs, huge forehead, my height and a whole lot more.
But instead of being upset, I would just be proud of it.
They're my asset.
Being tan is the best thing about me.
Before, I really hate it, but now, being tan is so in.
I don't need to spend the whole day under the sun to get my skin tanned.
But I still wish I have natural wavy hair. Hrhr.

*** God, I have really expressed all my thoughts here.



Photos courtesy of Lookbook.nu

January 22, 2012

We all shine on, like the moon, the stars and the sun...

Things from the BEST thrift shop everrrrrrr.... (except the leopard belt, that's from Nava.)

Finally. Sky high, 5 inch wood platform from Nava. Holler!

Went shopping with boyfriend yesterday.
First, we went thrift shopping, 'cause I wanna show him some of the clothes I've been eyeing.
Unexpectedly, I found a denim shirt (which I have been wanting ever since) in the rack full of clothes for guys. I guess someone might have hid it in there. Hrhr. But sorry, finders keepers baby.
OMG! I still can't believe all of the things I have bought from the thrift shop yesterday, I am extremely happy and I am still not over it. *smiling*
Afterwards, we went to SM and Trinoma to buy some shoesies.
Originally, I am planning to buy the platform pumps but unfortunately, it is sold-out already. :(
But I saw these wooden platform (which was one of my wish in my list before) and tried it on and saw it was 30% off and I can't help it. And my boyfriend surprised me when he bought the sandals that I want. Went home with 2 new shoesies and a whole bunch of smiles.
On the other hand, got the alphabet stamp from Digital Stamp.

Next next week, on our monthsary, me and boyfriend will buy carrot trousers and still thinking if we'll buy a new pair of flip-flops from Havaianas. It just happen that we both have the same plans. Oh God, spare me from being impulsive.


Next next next

LOLA lang ang peg.


January 21, 2012

Outbound | Tagaytay

So papa went to Tagaytay today and we tagged ourselves along with him.
It was only me and my sister who came along with my dad.
So here are some of the photographs I/ we took while we were in Tagaytay.

Me- being silly, skipping.

We had brunch in Pancake House which is overlooking the fantabulous Taal Volcano.
I ordered their Pork Tocino and forgot to change the garlic rice to plain rice.
The garlic rice is horrible. I can barely eat it 'cause the garlic is badly burned so it tasted so bitter.
I thought I was gonna enjoy it since they had my sunny side up well done since I hate the messy, wet look egg. Hrhr.

BTW, we left home around 6:30 am and was stuck in Katipunan Ave. for about 15 minutes or so.
We made it to Tagaytay before 9 am.
The place is so serene and Grecian. There is this hotel overlooking the volcano and it has a Grecian/ Mediterranean like facade. It is so beautiful.
So, while our dad is making his business in the site, me and my sister explored the place.
We found the hotel we checked into before because we saw the swimming pool.
I was looking for the bowling alley near that hotel and I have found out that it was already a Puregold Jr. or something. It kind of broke my heart because I want to go bowling. Sniff-sniff.
I am lucky enough because beside the site where my dad is inspecting is a big thrift shop.
Well it wasn't really that big, but damn, they have a fully loaded racks of clothes.
It was the most organized thrift shop I have ever been (as of now).
Surprise, surprise.
You know what I am up to when I am talking about thrift shops. Meeehh.

Holler to my outfit today.

Top- Forever 21
Cover up- thrifted
Jeans- Greenhills
Leopard pumps- Shoe Gallery
Bag- lola
random accessories

"Laid-back lang ang peg."


January 18, 2012


I actually have a love-hate relationship with attention.
I hate attention. I don't want people to notice me all the time.
At the same time, I hate being invisible like I do not exist at all.

I am a nail-biter.
Subconsciously, I am noticing that I have been biting my nails more often, especially when I am nervous and fretting and when I am about to cry.

I am becoming  more creative every single day of my life.
Some of the things in my mind are waiting to be materialized.
They are just up here, waiting.

I am now talking.
I mean, before, I seldom talk to those people who approaches me so they thought I am unfriendly and all that but I am just shy, I swear.
Now, I am starting the conversation and make sure that by the end of the convo, we are friends already.
(Wanna say hi to my new friends. :)) )

I realize that it was more fulfilling to achieve something that you really worked hard for.
I am not saying that I get everything that I want without doing something, what I mean was, I enjoy more of the things that I have worked hard for.

Being optimistic will be the first on my 2012 resolution.
I am now applying this theory/ ionno what to call this in my life.
Second is, always be 10-minutes early in everything.

I also stopped complicating my life just recently.

I say THANK YOU more often and SORRY whenever I do something wrong.

I am already on the verge of building my new closet.
I am buying all of the things I like first and would just experiment later on when my list is already complete.

I just stopped cursing.
No more to the F word, which I just said earlier today because of that kid who was tripping on me.

(ending this with a number sign, just like in a journal entry and that's what I have learned today in accounting 101. May I just say that our prof in accounting is the coolest prof ever. He's young, approachable and intelligent. And he is funny.)


January 16, 2012

Random facts & thoughts about this day

Went home a little bit late today.
I am so tired physically, mentally and emotionally.
We had prepared 4-course meal today in our Banquet & Catering class.
I was totally stressed out when we were checking our papers in Accounting but was completely relieved when I found out that I passed the exam (though I didn't really study at all.. Thank you God for this skill/ talent/ wisdom/ blessing. Thank you.)
I forgot my anti-bac spray on my other bag. I can't believe I forgot it on the exact moment that I needed it.
There are a lot of sniffing and coughing in our room and I don't want to catch it 'cause I can barely move when I'm sick. Just saying.
I was a bit susceptible today, I don't know why I have been acting a bit sensitive and weird like fuck lately.
I lately felt INVISIBLE like I do not exist 'cause some people are stupid that they do not know where to stop and that they keep on stepping on other people's foot already and that they are like playing a game with me that I don't really wanna play.
Well.. That's life.. People are nasty and yeah, stupid.

My friend will go to Beijing soon. Ohh, gonna miss her.
She is requesting if I could release a new collection before she leave because she need some clothes for that trip. I can't say no, so I just told her that since I will be building my next collection this week, I will just conduct a private/ intimate/ exclusive release for those who would like to have an early access in the collection. (If you want to be invited, please email us at shopsundaydream@yahoo.com).
It was like an underground collection, intimate, just few people and I will make sure that every clothes I will include in the private collection would be all worth it. Crossing my fingers for this.

I want to go on a vacation this coming long weekend.
I really miss Tagaytay and bowling and I wanna see the Palace in the Sky thingy.

One of our profs asked "What can we say about Starbucks? Why do we think it still exist here in the Philippines while on the place where it originated closed down all its shops?"
My opinion about it:
I hate coffee. It doesn't taste good. And let's face it, Filipinos already have that depiction or maybe I should call it a mind set that when you drink coffee from Starbucks or whatever you are already "SOSYAL". My prof is right. There are a lot of coffee shops out there which is more delicious and affordable. I believe that in Starbucks, people pay for the brand, the so called "SOSYAL" thing.
Now, there are a lot of milk tea shops booming out there. Milk tea is so way back my high school days. I have tasted it before in Nutrilicious. Why is it that when something became popular, everyone would love it as well? It's as if people doesn't have their own choice, just so they could go with the flow, so they'd be IN. Froyo -- there are plenty of frozen yogurt shops but nowadays I don't think it could stand this competitive and fast-paced business world. Why? First, not everyone love yogurt. Some people find it disgusting because of its sour-y flavor. Second, the bucks is not worth it. Can you believe it? A small cup of a twirl of froyo would cost you P60- P100. Well these food are for the upper class society.
WOW! From Starbucks to froyo.
I believe I wouldn't get into trouble for this, well, this is my blog and these are my opinions.

I'll just leave you with this chummy photo of me and my cousin, Ken.


January 15, 2012

You are this close

January 15, 2011
9:20 P.M.

I am writing this 'cause I can't seem to take it anymore.
You know that feeling? Though they don't really do it on purpose, you still feel offended?
All I want is to preserve the respect on me and to that person as well. R.E.S.P..E.C.T.
I don't know what you are trying to prove to me or to others.
Just give me a little respect and please stop being stupid enough for not realizing that you are almost . . .
(argh! why is it so hard to say? 'cause I have respect and as much as possible, I don't like to hurt people's feelings.)
Let's make this simple. I don't want a double. Get it?

All the things that I am doing is inspired by others. But I do not entirely base it on what I was inspired about, I make sure that there would be a piece of me on my works.
I like dream catchers, so I studied how to make one and I made some and shared it to those who like it as well.
I once doodled on my friend's filler and wondered, what if I made my own notebooks? After a week, I finally finished making them but instead calling it a notebook I just refer to it as art journal 'cause you can really put everything in there, not only words and doodles but pictures as well.
I love dressing up and I find inspirations on Lookbook or Tumblr of what styles are chic and trendy. Since I don't always have the moolah to shop for new clothes in malls or posh online shops, I rely on my trusty thrift shops. We never know what lies beneath those racks. Which falls on the fact that, I shop for a living, I share my thrift finds to those who are recessionistas like me.
All I am trying to say is, I am happy on whatever I am doing with my life. If I don't have sales, fine.
I don't sell to please anyone. All I want is to share my fascinations.

Do it for yourself, not to please others, not to outdo others and most especially, not to disrespect me.


Look who woke up on the wrong side of the bed

I don't feel well.


These are my stamp collection as of now. Some are from way back when I was a kid and some are new.
So I haven't posted something lately. I have been busy 'cause of my two new collections and some school papers. 
We went to SM North last night and came home a little bit late which explains why I failed to release the mini art journals last night.
There goes my love & fascination for shoes. The supposed 3 shoe wishes became 6 or 7, I guess.
I saw these lovely pair of brogues in Primadonna which is on sale, it was pretty and vintage and I am still thinking if I'm gonna buy it since it wasn't my priority after all and that I still need the opinion of my boyfriend.
I finally bought the leopard skinny belt from Primadonna and good thing it is on sale.

On the other hand,
I am planning to release a new collection on the latter part of the month.
What do you think? Yay or nay?
I wanted to include some skirts in my collection.
Like midi skirts, maxi skirts and some skorts.
Of course, there goes the line up of dresses.
And I would like to add a piece or two of bags.
I still have no idea on what to sell but this week, I will start ransacking my favorite thrift shops.

Have to go. Happy lunch!


January 13, 2012

Dream Catching

 I have released my latest dream catcher collection.
Y'all better check it out!

Visit my shop for more details. Thank you! <3