January 27, 2012

Chan Luu inspired bracelet project | almost complete

So today is Friday and I have no classes.
I am a little bit bored so I've decided to make a Chan Luu inspired wrap bracelet.
It was my second project for this month and I am just like so happy to finally make one.
I was kinda hesitant at first 'cause I thought I have insufficient materials but when I checked my stash,
I have found some items and voila!

I'll be teaching my boyfriend how to make one so we can produce plenty of it and hopefully start selling it by February.

Frustration: Curly hair.
Which explains why my hair is wavy today.
Well I just wish my hair is sort of wavy and not boring straight.
I am planning to get my hair permed and bleached but I'm afraid that I might not get into my OJT.
So I have to wait until my graduation which is a year from now.


This was supposed to be a bracelet thingy post but I have (again) inserted about wanting a wavy hair.


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