January 29, 2012

To day:

January 29, 2012


How y'all doing?
I wasn't able to blog yesterday because my schedule is so jam-packed.
But I'll bullet how my day went yesterday:

-Woke up around 9AM and as usual, watched Phineas and Ferb.
-Went online and check on some stuff, and I have made a banner/ teaser for my shop's 3rd clothing collection and 1st clothing collection for this year, WANDERER.
-Prep myself for the interview that we'll conduct in one of the biggest food chain here in the Philippines.
-I am a little bit late (as always) 'cause I forgot to make our certificate the other night.
-I met up with my two friends, Crystel and Tibs. And unfortunately, we went to the wrong branch. (Waste of time and fare)
-When we got there, we aren't promptly entertained because there are a lot of things going on and they're really busy.
-Patience is a virtue. Spent merely 1 1/2 hours there.
-Luckily, beside that establishment is a thrift store. Knowing me, I would never pass-by a thrift store. Hrhr.
They're on sale, as in sale, 3 for 100, 4 for 100, outer wears selling for 60 each and shoes, 130/ pair. *panting*
I can't wait to get my hands on their racks. Having only P120 in my wallet, I still went home with a tulle maxi skirt, a pair of brown-mustard trousers and a pink blazer. The blazer is such a steal because it is so pretty like those being sold in Romwe and for only P60? Not bad.
As much as I want to visit that store more often, I can't because it's out of my way home and it'll take me two rides from school to get there.
-Went to my uncle's house and the spicy tuna fettuccine is so lip-smacking delicious. (Shobe is so cute.) I was also forced to sip on the pumpkin soup, it was delish too but you know how I hate vegetables plus I bet it has a cream in there (and milk products are a big NO-NO for me).

Time is flying so fast. January is going to end already and just a month or two, we'll be having our internship already. I am so freaking nervous and I am so not yet ready for this. We have a lot of papers due this coming February so we need to move our butts off and start interviewing some of the establishments we need to interview and hopefully, have a hassle-free OJT application. I just wish.

I need to have a retail therapy this week. So I might visit some thrift shops again this week and search for trousers in different colors and some tops for several occasions. I am also expecting the wedge I have ordered this week and wishing that it turns out how I expect it to be. I might buy a pair of loafers also (still thinking about this) this coming week since SM North will have a sale.

I am super excited for my Wanderer Collection which will be released this February 5. Why? Because, I went out of my comfort zone this time. Just watch out for it, pinky promise? : )

I am currently working on my wrap and friendship bracelets which will be available anytime in February.
Yiiiihhh, I have been spending a lot lately nanaman. Then afterwards, I will regret nanaman.

Sleep tight. Goodnight.




  1. Ooo me likey the bracelet! Want! :)

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  2. <3 the color of the bracelet! :D