January 23, 2012


 "A dream would always be a dream if  you wouldn't act."

I am once a dreamer and would always be a dreamer.
Once you stop dreaming, you stop living.
There are a lot of people out there who are a living testaments that dreams do come true.

*** enough about dreams.

I know, a lot of us still didn't know what real happiness is.
But, know what, I guess, 
happiness will depend on us.
If we will find something that will really make us happy for good,
a person, a job, a hobby anything,
as long as, we will love it by heart,
as long as, we will do it for ourselves,
not for others, not for anybody else.
If we will do something to impress others or to outdo others,
do you think it would make us feel better?
Or do you think it will make us a better person?
I believe, not.
Competition is healthy, as long as you are doing it to challenge yourself, to hone your skills/ knowledge but not to the point that you are almost getting personal and almost hurting other people.
Have you heard about the Madonna- Lady Gaga thing?
Madonna haven't said that she is mad at Gaga for almost copying one of her song.
Madonna herself has been inspired by Marilyn Monroe,
she is inspired by her and from there she built her own self, she did incorporate her own style to Marilyn's style that's why she became a pop icon, who she is now.
Gaga is kind of doing the same thing.
She is inspired by Madonna but she is taking it to another level by wearing extravagant/ out of this world outfits and her music videos? exceptional.
It is good to be inspired but not to the point that you are almost emulating or copying the person.
Yes, you can be inspired by them but don't forget to incorporate your own style or your own personality.
"Imitation is a kind of obsequious and yet "user-friendly" flattery."
Don't be reductive, meaning simplified and sort of crude.
You should build your own personality that's why the word unique exists.
Go out, alone. Discover yourself. Reflect.

***OMG! Can't believe I am saying this.

People will believe in you, if you will believe in yourself.
(Maybe I should say this to myself.)
Yes, I am lacking self-confidence.
I am not that optimistic and I am a downer.
But I guess, I am improving.
Now that I have been blogging and expressing myself through this.
Whatever you see or read here in my blog is me.
I seldom speak, but here, I can say whatever I want.
"I blog to express, not to impress."
And frequent readers and friends who have told me that I am so good at this boosts my confidence.
And it made me decide to keep this blog moving.
Thank you for believing in me. Really, thank you.
You all know who you are, thank you.

I haven't experienced being criticized in my blogging life yet but in real life, well, 
I have been through hell and back.
There are really a lot of people who picks on you and would criticize the tiniest thing about you.
I am not perfect.
I have dark skin, rabbit teeth, clubbed thumb, humongous legs, huge forehead, my height and a whole lot more.
But instead of being upset, I would just be proud of it.
They're my asset.
Being tan is the best thing about me.
Before, I really hate it, but now, being tan is so in.
I don't need to spend the whole day under the sun to get my skin tanned.
But I still wish I have natural wavy hair. Hrhr.

*** God, I have really expressed all my thoughts here.


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  1. I think you have the most creative posts! <3