January 21, 2012

Outbound | Tagaytay

So papa went to Tagaytay today and we tagged ourselves along with him.
It was only me and my sister who came along with my dad.
So here are some of the photographs I/ we took while we were in Tagaytay.

Me- being silly, skipping.

We had brunch in Pancake House which is overlooking the fantabulous Taal Volcano.
I ordered their Pork Tocino and forgot to change the garlic rice to plain rice.
The garlic rice is horrible. I can barely eat it 'cause the garlic is badly burned so it tasted so bitter.
I thought I was gonna enjoy it since they had my sunny side up well done since I hate the messy, wet look egg. Hrhr.

BTW, we left home around 6:30 am and was stuck in Katipunan Ave. for about 15 minutes or so.
We made it to Tagaytay before 9 am.
The place is so serene and Grecian. There is this hotel overlooking the volcano and it has a Grecian/ Mediterranean like facade. It is so beautiful.
So, while our dad is making his business in the site, me and my sister explored the place.
We found the hotel we checked into before because we saw the swimming pool.
I was looking for the bowling alley near that hotel and I have found out that it was already a Puregold Jr. or something. It kind of broke my heart because I want to go bowling. Sniff-sniff.
I am lucky enough because beside the site where my dad is inspecting is a big thrift shop.
Well it wasn't really that big, but damn, they have a fully loaded racks of clothes.
It was the most organized thrift shop I have ever been (as of now).
Surprise, surprise.
You know what I am up to when I am talking about thrift shops. Meeehh.

Holler to my outfit today.

Top- Forever 21
Cover up- thrifted
Jeans- Greenhills
Leopard pumps- Shoe Gallery
Bag- lola
random accessories

"Laid-back lang ang peg."


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