January 18, 2012


I actually have a love-hate relationship with attention.
I hate attention. I don't want people to notice me all the time.
At the same time, I hate being invisible like I do not exist at all.

I am a nail-biter.
Subconsciously, I am noticing that I have been biting my nails more often, especially when I am nervous and fretting and when I am about to cry.

I am becoming  more creative every single day of my life.
Some of the things in my mind are waiting to be materialized.
They are just up here, waiting.

I am now talking.
I mean, before, I seldom talk to those people who approaches me so they thought I am unfriendly and all that but I am just shy, I swear.
Now, I am starting the conversation and make sure that by the end of the convo, we are friends already.
(Wanna say hi to my new friends. :)) )

I realize that it was more fulfilling to achieve something that you really worked hard for.
I am not saying that I get everything that I want without doing something, what I mean was, I enjoy more of the things that I have worked hard for.

Being optimistic will be the first on my 2012 resolution.
I am now applying this theory/ ionno what to call this in my life.
Second is, always be 10-minutes early in everything.

I also stopped complicating my life just recently.

I say THANK YOU more often and SORRY whenever I do something wrong.

I am already on the verge of building my new closet.
I am buying all of the things I like first and would just experiment later on when my list is already complete.

I just stopped cursing.
No more to the F word, which I just said earlier today because of that kid who was tripping on me.

(ending this with a number sign, just like in a journal entry and that's what I have learned today in accounting 101. May I just say that our prof in accounting is the coolest prof ever. He's young, approachable and intelligent. And he is funny.)


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