January 16, 2012

Random facts & thoughts about this day

Went home a little bit late today.
I am so tired physically, mentally and emotionally.
We had prepared 4-course meal today in our Banquet & Catering class.
I was totally stressed out when we were checking our papers in Accounting but was completely relieved when I found out that I passed the exam (though I didn't really study at all.. Thank you God for this skill/ talent/ wisdom/ blessing. Thank you.)
I forgot my anti-bac spray on my other bag. I can't believe I forgot it on the exact moment that I needed it.
There are a lot of sniffing and coughing in our room and I don't want to catch it 'cause I can barely move when I'm sick. Just saying.
I was a bit susceptible today, I don't know why I have been acting a bit sensitive and weird like fuck lately.
I lately felt INVISIBLE like I do not exist 'cause some people are stupid that they do not know where to stop and that they keep on stepping on other people's foot already and that they are like playing a game with me that I don't really wanna play.
Well.. That's life.. People are nasty and yeah, stupid.

My friend will go to Beijing soon. Ohh, gonna miss her.
She is requesting if I could release a new collection before she leave because she need some clothes for that trip. I can't say no, so I just told her that since I will be building my next collection this week, I will just conduct a private/ intimate/ exclusive release for those who would like to have an early access in the collection. (If you want to be invited, please email us at shopsundaydream@yahoo.com).
It was like an underground collection, intimate, just few people and I will make sure that every clothes I will include in the private collection would be all worth it. Crossing my fingers for this.

I want to go on a vacation this coming long weekend.
I really miss Tagaytay and bowling and I wanna see the Palace in the Sky thingy.

One of our profs asked "What can we say about Starbucks? Why do we think it still exist here in the Philippines while on the place where it originated closed down all its shops?"
My opinion about it:
I hate coffee. It doesn't taste good. And let's face it, Filipinos already have that depiction or maybe I should call it a mind set that when you drink coffee from Starbucks or whatever you are already "SOSYAL". My prof is right. There are a lot of coffee shops out there which is more delicious and affordable. I believe that in Starbucks, people pay for the brand, the so called "SOSYAL" thing.
Now, there are a lot of milk tea shops booming out there. Milk tea is so way back my high school days. I have tasted it before in Nutrilicious. Why is it that when something became popular, everyone would love it as well? It's as if people doesn't have their own choice, just so they could go with the flow, so they'd be IN. Froyo -- there are plenty of frozen yogurt shops but nowadays I don't think it could stand this competitive and fast-paced business world. Why? First, not everyone love yogurt. Some people find it disgusting because of its sour-y flavor. Second, the bucks is not worth it. Can you believe it? A small cup of a twirl of froyo would cost you P60- P100. Well these food are for the upper class society.
WOW! From Starbucks to froyo.
I believe I wouldn't get into trouble for this, well, this is my blog and these are my opinions.

I'll just leave you with this chummy photo of me and my cousin, Ken.


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