January 07, 2012

Sometimes, when you least expect it, something good happens

His profile would always be like this 'cause he always have this tendency to close his eyes when he is being photographed with flash.

He was here with me yesterday.
We watched movies, ate, watched movies and ate again.
We are brainstorming for my next project and I don't know why I kept on hugging him yesterday.
He is actually sick. When he got here, he said his head is aching and so his tummy.
When I got near him, I felt his heat. He is like burning hot. I can really say that it was 38+ degrees Celsius, so I told him to drink medicine. Just a few moments later, he is already sweating.
Afterwards, I ordered food for the both of us. Mine was double cheeseburger + fries and for him, large fries only 'cause he told me he wasn't hungry at all.
Before he went home, my tummy is aching like there's no tomorrow.
You know how the best food in the world makes my tummy hurl.
The best thing in life was the worst one for me. Sniff.

I got bored earlier today, so I made some artsy fartsy stuff.
I also shopped online (after ages).


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