January 11, 2012

Turned a year older today

 I wanted to thank all those who remembered that it was my birthday today and for those who keep on believing in me (if there are any).

"Do not complicate life and keep moving forward."

Honestly, I wasn't completely happy today at all.
I might have not receive greetings, or gifts or anything but my family & friends would always stick on me no matter what and that though I have woke up without anyone in the house, which made me feel sad & alone, throughout the day, slowly, I am feeling that this is my day.
As to pamper myself after a heartbreak with the shoes that I am expecting to have by Feb.,
I had spent 1-1/2 or 2 hours inside my favorite thrift shop and went out with 4 new pieces of clothes (a little bit expensive though,) but I guess it is all worth it.
I want to come back for more. I have spotted a few bags which happens to be 60% off, such a steal if ever I will be able to buy one and I still left a lot of pieces there since I only brought 250pesos with me today. From 12 pieces of clothes when I started, I ended up buying only 4 of it. Recessionista.

Beige shorts / Gray Maxi Skirt / Teal Chiffon top / Knitted top
Finally bought a maxi skirt like the one I am planning to buy in Jellybean which costs way too much for a maxi skirt. I got it for only 100pesos and I haggled a little so the kuya gave it to me for only 90pesos.
I am not really good in haggling okay.
This nonstop shopping left my secret wallet with only one bill.
I am still thinking if I am gonna release a new clothing collection next week 'cause this thrift shops I am visiting keeps a whole lot of treasures lying beneath those racks and I just wanna share my love for indie to you guise.

My sister gave me a stamp pad. But I still need to search for my stamps on the box under her bed.
My stuff are still in there. Memorabilia, photos and diaries are still there since we moved here last 2007.
I have ordered some stamps online as well and was expecting it by Friday.
The necklaces I have ordered in Patrick love bird came in time for my birthday.

I love the packaging. I don't even want to open it 'cause everyone knows how I fancy maps and places. 
For the forever feather lover.

This has been sufficiently bleak.
Hope you have a good night.

I am moving the release of my idea pads collection due to some hitches. But please do check us out this coming Friday because our Dream Catcher collection will be out by 9PM. See you! XX


  1. Happy birthday to you, girl!! Donte ever feel sad though I know its unstoppable. Its almost my birthday, too! Hope I'd be okay in time for my special day. :p


    1. Thank you. That's so nice of you. Really? It's almost your birthday as well? Happy Birthday girl. :)