January 08, 2012


Isn't this the cutest panda ever?

I am tweaking some of the illustrations I got from weheartit for my next project then I stumbled upon this idea of combining leopard print with the illustration of the panda, hence, I got this. (look at the panda) Cuteness!

Oh how I am so fond of arguments. It can make your brain function well plus it can make your relationship healthy. It was more like a debate, I guess.

I am happy for my boyfriend 'cause he will be having his DSLR soon.
Now I can invite him for a photo walk.
Told him that we'll go places and take pictures.
I also told him to get a Canon since mine is Nikon.
So we'll know how to use both, if ever.
And so that we can't borrow stuff from one another. (selfish and bummer)
I just hope that his camera will arrive before vacation so that we can still push through with our plans.
I am super excited to teach and lecture him about DSLR and how to use it. Meeeh.
We might invite some of our friends as well for a shoot since I really wanted to have one ever since.
I already told my friend Aarol that I want him and his girlfriend, Cam to have a shoot with me/ us, something like a pre-nup shoot or just a random-on-the-spot-theme shoot.

So yeah, I am torn on which online shop should I buy the wedge that I really really really want.
Plus, I can't wait for Tuesday, I gotta have those stamp babies on my hand by then. So that I could start with my project na.

Wednesday = Treasure Hunting Day + my 20th birthday
Can you actually believe it?
I am turning 20 three days from now.
Will be treasure hunting in my favorite thrift shops.
I really wanted to hunt with my boyfriend 'cause he knows my style so it is much easier if there will be two of us who are searching but since his classes will start as mine ends, I will just ask my friend Tibs to come with me. Tibs is the best buddy ever. Among all my friends whom I ask to accompany me, Tibs  stood out from the rest because she never doubt to come with me. And she is not maarte like others 'cause we all know how dusty it is in a thrift shop.
Hopefully, I can take home those that are on my bucket list.

Have to go. Tomorrow's a big day for our Accounting and Banquet class.

(French term for "kisses")

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