January 22, 2012

We all shine on, like the moon, the stars and the sun...

Things from the BEST thrift shop everrrrrrr.... (except the leopard belt, that's from Nava.)

Finally. Sky high, 5 inch wood platform from Nava. Holler!

Went shopping with boyfriend yesterday.
First, we went thrift shopping, 'cause I wanna show him some of the clothes I've been eyeing.
Unexpectedly, I found a denim shirt (which I have been wanting ever since) in the rack full of clothes for guys. I guess someone might have hid it in there. Hrhr. But sorry, finders keepers baby.
OMG! I still can't believe all of the things I have bought from the thrift shop yesterday, I am extremely happy and I am still not over it. *smiling*
Afterwards, we went to SM and Trinoma to buy some shoesies.
Originally, I am planning to buy the platform pumps but unfortunately, it is sold-out already. :(
But I saw these wooden platform (which was one of my wish in my list before) and tried it on and saw it was 30% off and I can't help it. And my boyfriend surprised me when he bought the sandals that I want. Went home with 2 new shoesies and a whole bunch of smiles.
On the other hand, got the alphabet stamp from Digital Stamp.

Next next week, on our monthsary, me and boyfriend will buy carrot trousers and still thinking if we'll buy a new pair of flip-flops from Havaianas. It just happen that we both have the same plans. Oh God, spare me from being impulsive.


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