January 26, 2012


Well, since the start of this year, everyone was busy catching up with their own 366 project.
I was thinking, what if I make my own version of this? But I do not always carry my camera along with me and that I am so effin' busy with other stuff. But I have made one in my Flickr account but I don't think I will finish it and because I am kind of cheating 'cause sometimes if I fail to update that project for a day, I will just upload photos the next day. So it was kinda nonsense. Get it?
So instead, I just made my own version of these project thingy that I think will suit my schedule and my lifestyle. Drumroll please........


Honestly, I don't think of myself as someone who's fashion forward or something.
But I guess, there's always a room for a change.
I have been thrift shopping again, most of the time. It was like a therapy and at the same time, I am like having my own quality time with myself.
So, once a week, I will post an all-dolled up post (outfit post) here in my blog and I just wish I could keep up with it.
God, I am so excited with this one.

On the other hand,
I am so proud of myself these past few days.
I don't know what's inside of me that makes me, argh, what to call this?
Well, everyone knows how quiet I am, especially in school. I don't recite that much. Really.
But every time I am being called to recite, I can answer very well, without reading anything.
It's just mind-blowing and I don't even know how to thank God for this gift, but God, if you are reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH AN D I LOVE YOU TO BITS. :)


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