January 15, 2012


These are my stamp collection as of now. Some are from way back when I was a kid and some are new.
So I haven't posted something lately. I have been busy 'cause of my two new collections and some school papers. 
We went to SM North last night and came home a little bit late which explains why I failed to release the mini art journals last night.
There goes my love & fascination for shoes. The supposed 3 shoe wishes became 6 or 7, I guess.
I saw these lovely pair of brogues in Primadonna which is on sale, it was pretty and vintage and I am still thinking if I'm gonna buy it since it wasn't my priority after all and that I still need the opinion of my boyfriend.
I finally bought the leopard skinny belt from Primadonna and good thing it is on sale.

On the other hand,
I am planning to release a new collection on the latter part of the month.
What do you think? Yay or nay?
I wanted to include some skirts in my collection.
Like midi skirts, maxi skirts and some skorts.
Of course, there goes the line up of dresses.
And I would like to add a piece or two of bags.
I still have no idea on what to sell but this week, I will start ransacking my favorite thrift shops.

Have to go. Happy lunch!


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