January 15, 2012

You are this close

January 15, 2011
9:20 P.M.

I am writing this 'cause I can't seem to take it anymore.
You know that feeling? Though they don't really do it on purpose, you still feel offended?
All I want is to preserve the respect on me and to that person as well. R.E.S.P..E.C.T.
I don't know what you are trying to prove to me or to others.
Just give me a little respect and please stop being stupid enough for not realizing that you are almost . . .
(argh! why is it so hard to say? 'cause I have respect and as much as possible, I don't like to hurt people's feelings.)
Let's make this simple. I don't want a double. Get it?

All the things that I am doing is inspired by others. But I do not entirely base it on what I was inspired about, I make sure that there would be a piece of me on my works.
I like dream catchers, so I studied how to make one and I made some and shared it to those who like it as well.
I once doodled on my friend's filler and wondered, what if I made my own notebooks? After a week, I finally finished making them but instead calling it a notebook I just refer to it as art journal 'cause you can really put everything in there, not only words and doodles but pictures as well.
I love dressing up and I find inspirations on Lookbook or Tumblr of what styles are chic and trendy. Since I don't always have the moolah to shop for new clothes in malls or posh online shops, I rely on my trusty thrift shops. We never know what lies beneath those racks. Which falls on the fact that, I shop for a living, I share my thrift finds to those who are recessionistas like me.
All I am trying to say is, I am happy on whatever I am doing with my life. If I don't have sales, fine.
I don't sell to please anyone. All I want is to share my fascinations.

Do it for yourself, not to please others, not to outdo others and most especially, not to disrespect me.


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