February 07, 2012


I was sailing.
Sailing to the ocean of my dreams.
To the most abundant corals, to the deepest trench, to blank seas.
I was looking towards the silver lining there at the farthest place I have ever seen. Never ending.
As I get closer, it gets farther.
I was so frustrated, I wanted to jump off and chase it, reach it.
I am so furious, wanting to get there, wanting to rest my tired feet and soul in the shore.
I sail. Fast. Relentlessly. Then I shivered.
I was lost in the middle. It was gloomy, calm and eerie. No sound, no echo, no nothing.
I was alone with my boat. I was about to set the anchor down until I heard a tiny thud.
I can feel it getting closer 'cause it became louder and louder until it broke the silence of my soul.
Then it suddenly disappear, no sound, like nothing happened, like nothing occurred.
I am now shipwrecked. Abandoned in the middle of nowhere, cannot even see the silver lining I was chasing, cannot even remember where I was and where exactly I am.

I was lost. Sailing. In my own thoughts, in my own spirit, in my own dreams.

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