February 17, 2012

Hold onto this lullaby even when the music's gone

(Was listening to T.H.E. by Will.I.Am Ft. J.Lo and Mick Jagger while post processing the photos and making this entry. Just sayin. I just love how these photos shows a lot of movement and that it makes me wanna dance plus the song I am listening to is so groovy.)

This just shows how my love loves to dance.

Me: You are a good dancer, I am a good singer and you are a bad singer, I am a bad dancer.

Him: I just don't know how to sing but that doesn't mean I am bad at it.

Me: Same goes to my dancing.

Him: *straight face*

We had a mini-shoot today in our garage.
I just suddenly felt missing the old times.
I was rummaging in some of my files the other day 'cause I was planning to give him a DIY valentine present but we have no new pictures for the past 3 months and I am so frustrated 'cause I really wanna surprise him. So instead, I just made a full- Tagalog letter. It was so hard to translate some words 'cause I am really not that much of a fan of deep Tagalog words but know what, I am now starting to be one. Hrhr.
So back to the mini-shoot,
I am really happy. Those are real smiles, actually they're laughs.
We were really laughing hard because the camera was set on self-timer and we need to pose within the 2 second gaps and I was trying to climb up in his back but he can't stand to carry me 'cause he was laughing so hard.
I am super happy 'cause he is now getting deep in knowing my camera.
Before, his shots were so, umm, out of focus.
I taught him some of the tricks and some of the settings in the camera and now he's getting used to it.
I was surprised today 'cause all his shots are great and that he doesn't ask for my help anymore.
It is now smooth to work with him. Not like before, we stop per shot.
Now, he clicks the shutter button as continuously as fuck.
I am the one who is running out of poses and facials.
Kudos to my one and only. *I love you*

Thanks for the chocolates, love.
And you are welcome for the Pomodoro I made for you. Isn't it the yummiest?
I love you.

*End of cheesiness here*

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