February 01, 2012

Let's suede

I had a hard time thinking what to purchase first; loafers, moccasins or boat shoes.
Needless to say, I ended up having all of them in one shoes.
Me and BFFs went to this thrift shop I have been longing to go to.
It was huge and they're on sale. Their shop is full of clothes, no shoes and bags.
BUT, beside them is a thrift shop as well, with lots of shoes and bags.
We are checking out their shoe rack when I found these pair of I-don't-know-what-to-call.
Tried it on and it fits perfectly.
It looks like it was only used twice or thrice because the sole still have a few clean spots though the body of the shoes is a lil' bit dirty. (See dark spots)
It is like a hybrid of moccasins, loafers and boat shoes and I am so happy to found it.
I bought it for Php280 only. It was kind of a new arrival and we really tried our best to haggle on it.
Php280 is all worth it because it is super comfy and I really love suede because it is soft and kinda cool, it doesn't make my feet sweat.
I have seen something like this before in Nava and they're selling it for like Php900 or something.
This pair really made my day after being pissed because of BDO's poor service.
But good thing they have a poor service because if they didn't, I might have deposited the money that I've used to buy these shoesies. Destiny. Fate. Meant to be.

I might visit that thrift shop more often. It is near school and near my way home. Plus their salesladies are kinda persuading and cheerful. Not like in other thrift shops I have been to, they barely smile and they all frown when you try to haggle. Meeeeh. Whatever.

Will not go to school tomorrow 'cause me and my group mates are scheduled to conduct an interview in Prince Plaza Hotel in Makati. I am so not excited because I will not be with my friends and they are a complete bundle of strangers to me. Wish me luck. O.P. to the max ang lola nyo bukas.

I will be uploading my WANDERER collection this coming Sunday and I am like, super duper excited, you know. It's like-- oh my god!

I am one heck of a girl wanting to sleep so badly.




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