February 08, 2012

She was waiting for a sound, a mum in his lips, a word.
He never did say a thing, he moved away and she held his hand. Tight.
"Please.." she said.
He wasn't moving. He doesn't look back. Uttering the words,
"I gave you a chance, but you blew it."
She was crying, pleading because her world revolves around him once
and his world is still revolving around her, but suddenly it stopped. Gravity lost it and all of a sudden all his stars came falling down.
"Don't leave. I know I wasn't there when you needed me. But God knows, I tried." she said.
He now looks back but looking blankly to her,
"Good thing God knows. But what about me? I didn't know anything about it."
Then walked away. She knelt, like she was so lost, so tired and so dejected.
He was walking towards the door and suddenly, he stopped. He hurdled back to her, brought her into his arms and hugged her.
"I am sorry.." she said.
He looked into her eyes and said, "I love you.."
"I love you too."
And he brushed his lips into her cheeks,
"Will you marry me?

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