February 02, 2012

They proved me wrong...

Since I still cannot afford to buy a film camera and I can't risk a thousand to buy a holga lens for my Percy,  here's a faux film effect.

We went to Ayala earlier today and did our subject requirements and decided to just ditch our last two subjects and spend our time in Glorietta. Too bad it rained, we didn't get the chance to take pictures in Greenbelt Park.

At first, I am super out-of-place because, honestly, I am really not that close to them.
This is my first time to be with them, alone, without my friends.
Well, it is always nice to make new friends.
So I just grabbed the opportunity and took the risk of being out-of-place 'cause I really wanna get to know them and this is my chance.
They never made me feel strange 'cause they always check on me and they made sure that I don't feel bored. I appreciate their effort and I am really sorry if you all felt that I wasn't enjoying or happy, I am really not that showy so I might appear snobbish or rude and I am sorry.
But, I do really enjoyed being with these guise.
I miss having a barkada. Where you have boy and girl friends.
They made me feel like I have a barkada and it really made me happy to the point that, I now want my own barkada which consists of 3 boys and 3 or 4 girls.

Let's call it a day and goodnight y'all.


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