February 26, 2012

Vanity and all that jazz..

Okay, let the rabbit-peeping-teeth-challenge begin...

all of a sudden, I thought I was someone else...



Love my lipstick? Ask first if it's real.

The mandatory mirror shot.

So young, so serene.

DIY hippie headband.

I don't have someone to take my photographs so instead I just did it myself.
Just like the old times.
I still don't have a decent tripod.
But nevertheless, it is more fun to hold the camera 'cause you can do whatever you want, you can choose whichever angle you want.
Again, sucks to be me, I have short arms which makes it hard for me to stretch my arms and hence,
hola to close-up shots.

I just recently release my SUCRESTONE collection which consists of remade shorts.
Just please check it out.
One piece per item only so don't ever miss it out.
Go check it out as soon as you can.

I want to try an outdoor shoot with some friends or with my cousins.
I just want to try something.
I use to hate my kit lens but recently, since I am bumming here in our home,
I checked out some of its settings and internalize on what I can make out of my kit lens.
I just have to do this before I get really busy.
But whatever...
God please help me.

Have a good night y'all. Keep safe! <3


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