March 30, 2012

Photos Revisited X Daily

So I went to school and somewhere in West Ave. today with my friends Erica and Ariel.
The rain is so horrible that the streets are quickly flooded.
I was wearing pantyhose the whole time under my pants. #Just saying.. Meeeh.

Ariel is so naive. He is so funny. He doesn't know a lot of places and he doesn't want to be left behind.
Coolest guy friend so far 'cause he isn't afraid to come with us inside a girl's store. And the funniest thing about him today that really made me laugh and amazed is that the streets are sort of wet and muddy and still he managed to keep his white Reebok rubber shoes as white as it is when we left school. What a talent. Haha. #But whatever.



March 29, 2012

To die for


Pardon my innate love for corsets of all sorts.

The man of my dreams.
Who wouldn't fall for that sweet blue eyes, perfect hair and drop dead boodeeeehh.
I just have to see him when he get here.
Zac Efron ILY forever. <3

Summer Project: Reconstructed shirt

So my Dad bought the wrong shirts for his workers.
My sister asked if she could have one and Dad said yes and he said she could use it as a sleepwear or whatever.
But being the most brilliant and creative thinker,
I told my sister, why not make these useless shirts into something hip and cool.
So while having my 1-week break (holy week), we'll be having a girl to girl bonding making these shirts and eventually sell it online.
I am super excited though I still have problems. *sigh

S O O N !

March 27, 2012

What else?

I was experiencing a state of unhappiness today.
Though the company I have applied for my internship contacted me already (earlier today, after I took a bath), which really made me so kilig, when I got into school, I felt sad.
I don't know. I kinda sense this certain feeling that though I have a lot of friends, it seems like they don't want to be with me in the company that I have been assigned into.
I sort of begged Ariel to just apply in the same company wherein I am assigned.
Though he's telling me that it'll be one of their options, I can see through him that he doesn't agree with me.
Is it just me or does people really don't want to be with me?
I am alone.
Thanks to Crystel for making me feel better by telling me positive what ifs.
I don't want to manipulate them on where they should assign their selves but if these are really my friends, and they were given the opportunity to choose freely on where they will be having their internship,  aren't they going to consider me? Like, I am alone in that company, don't they like to accompany me? It kinda sucks but whatever. It's their lives.
But now I know that "friends will fail you sometimes" especially on times that they have to choose.

Thank you God for granting my prayers. Thank you for showing who my real friends are.
Thank you for giving me patience and deep understanding. Thank you God. Thank you.

Why, I cannot understand other people.
I don't know what are they trying to prove to me.
I don't know. It was so disrespectful and rude.
Bless these people God, I lift them up to you.
Hands-off. I don't want to care nor bother anymore.


Rusak Wedgyyy

Look what came in mail today.

These are limited edition Senzo Rusak inspired wedge.
Thanks to Jeroy Balmores .
I was not that lucky enough at first because someone commented buy already before I spot this.
I make kulit to Jeroy to just give it to me since I really really really really like it so much.
 I prayed hard and the next day, he contacted me already and BAM! These pair of heaven came in mail today.
So good as new, I swear. It smelled so new. Haha. 
(Those people who really know me are aware of my strange habit of smelling all things regardless of its state of cleanliness. Haha!!)

Well I know some of you are afraid to buy 2nd hand or used stuff.
Especially clothes, bags and of course, shoes.
There's nothing really wrong with it as long as you will sanitize it before using it.
Wash clothes with antibac detergents, sanitize bags with alcohol and spray shoes with lots and lots of Lysol.

Edgy summer here I come! 


March 26, 2012


Here's what I am gonna do:
-wait for the call of the company that I have applied into for my internship.
-wait for the shoes I have "luckily" ordered to arrive.
-wait for my lazy self to come up with another project/ collection.
-wait for the week to end.
-wait until people get tired of pissing me off (this will take forever.. HAHA!!)
-wait until this puppy love feeling fade away (what am I doing with my life?! The eff!)
-wait until he realize that *dot dot dot* and *dot dot* (HAHA!)
-wait for my hair to grow so I could have it permed already and have it colored red ombre.
-wait until Forever21- North Edsa opens.



March 25, 2012

Spell fierce

Went to my Mama Lola's pre-birthday celebration today in their house in Cavite.
We had a mini photo shoot with my Uncle Jigs and he's using a 50mm lens (me jelly).
I haven't seen the photos yet up close. 

What am I wearing:

Top- GH
Shorts- Levi's, thrifted
Sandals- Parisian, bf's gift

March 24, 2012

Party Animal

What? She's sixteen.

Modeled and styled by herself.
Photographed by the coolest sister in the whole wide world, c'est moi.

Turning edgy

Summer spells boho, pastels, colors and sheers.
not all the time.
Since everyone (in my own opinion) will go boho or California girl this summer,
I might get myself an edgy revamp and turn my style aesthetic to androgynous.
Leather for summer?
I know right, I sound crazy knowing that the climate here in the Philippines is extremely hot.
Will be rummaging my favorite thrift shops this week for new clothes.
Went to Forever 21 Megamall earlier today and there are a lot (when I say a lot, I mean everything) of good stuff and Heritage 1981 had everything that I am looking for. From tribal printed tops to dip dyed shorts, everything is so beautiful.
It was heaven but practically it is not.
One piece of clothing would cost you Php800++ and to think it was a crop top.
So not for me. I would just visit my favorite thrift shops while they're on new arrival and I might score a top for only Php180, sounds expensive already? Yes, but I know my Php800++ will go a long way in a thrift shop.
I was about to score a leather wedge booties earlier today in a thrift shop somewhere in Kamuning, but knowing I have no cash on my wallet (and they do not accept debit cards) well, it made me think twice and decided to just leave it there though I am dying to have one for ages. It was not YET for me, not yet. JC Litas first, meeeeh. :)

So yeah, will update you soon. :)


March 23, 2012


And this is how I define edgy.
Graphic shirt, denim vest, studded cuff (belt), leather leggings and sky high wedges.
And and and, to top it all of, messy bun.

Finally, I have updated my 52 weeks of being all-dolled up project again. Weeeee.

What am I wearing:

Graphic shirt- NAVA
Denim vest- thrifted and DIYed
Leather leggings- online
Wedges- Kara

March 22, 2012

March update

OJT processing is so stressful and I am so broken right now.
God, I have never been afraid like this before. I am afraid as f*ck that when I was sleeping last night I am holding a rosary.
I had the worst interview yesterday in the placement office.
I was cut and I don't know, I am really feeling broken right now.
Words are really powerful and I want to prove YOU that you're wrong.
That you will eat whatever you have said to us.


camel trousers, palazzo pants, aztec leggings
floral corset, WILD shirt, Indian-Cherokee muscle shirt
studded shorts, aztec shorts and start printed shorts.

The Beatles, John Lennon, Lady Gaga, David Bowie shirts.

Leather jacket and random arm candies.
aztec printed rack sack, floral wedge booties, floral platform, mint plimsolls, leopard ankle boots, brown satchel,
black chain purse, sandals and DMs.
I can somehow smell summer already.
Projects done. Exams almost there. Internship, well, umm, processing and hopefully be settled already and I really hope my friends, Ariel and Erica will be placed with me. Crossing my fingers. Wishing. Praying.

You missed me?
I know you do. Don't worry, when I am almost through with all this shit and stress, I will surely be back on the track.

Oops, these are latest fascinations. And I am thinking of trying androgynous style but whatever. Haha.


March 17, 2012

Leggo house

I am guilty of being a lazy ass blogger.
I haven't been updating my 52 weeks of dressing up project for about 3 or 4 weeks now and I can barely blog about something good or at least with sense.
My school frustrations and stress are slowly swallowing me and my creativity.
But not all the time, I assume.
Being stuck here at home for about 3 days now is quite unproductive for the student me, but for the entrepreneur side of me, well, I am quite banging and swish and flicking my wand.
I have created a lot of stuff in a span of 3 days and one of these stuff is what I am about to show you guise. I don't know where it came from, it just suddenly happened.

I don't know if this is existing already or whatsoever. I am so proud of myself for (accidentally) pulling off this one. I still don't know if I'm gonna sell something like this or not. We'll see...


Cherry Blossoming

March 15, 2012


I was finally given a chance to blog despite all the projects lined up.
I don't even know if I should be happy that we don't have classes today 'cause we have a lot to do today.
OJT application will end next week and still we haven't been advised  yet by our school's OJT coordinator. We are supposed to do it today but due to the strike thingy, our schedule next week will surely be strawberry jammed.
Projects, quizzes, reporting, exams and a whole lot of hell week waiting for me.

On the other hand,
love my hair. Yes, yes?


March 10, 2012

Faking smile

I'm back from the shortest vacay everrr..
Will post crappy photos and rants tomorrow.
Need to rest 'cause I missed my cozy bed.

Ciao for now. :)

March 07, 2012

Summer EASTcapade (photo dump)

Tel, Katherine and moi

Dianne, Carmina, Kath, Tel, Tibs. moi. Erica

Erica, Tibs, Jen, moi, Tel, Mavel, Mariz

Ariel the *feeling* macho


Why are we holding hands here Jen?