March 06, 2012

For the sake of blogging..

Okay, so yesterday I was so freaking tired and wasted.
I came in my first class super late and it was like the worst feeling ever 'cause once I opened the back door everyone looked at me with those glaring eyes, like saying, "You are so late and still you have the guts to come in."
I wasn't able to join my group in our reporting 'cause I acted like I am sick and 'cause I am not really that prepared and yeah, my head is spinning like 180 degrees inside which 'causes me to feel dizzy. The peer evaluation I made made me feel mad and yeah, mad that it came to the point that I brought it throughout my day.
The weather is God damn hot which makes me hungry.. meeeh.
10:45 am already, my class today will start at 12pm and I am still in my jammies and I have to go now and take a bath. Au revoir!

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