March 22, 2012


camel trousers, palazzo pants, aztec leggings
floral corset, WILD shirt, Indian-Cherokee muscle shirt
studded shorts, aztec shorts and start printed shorts.

The Beatles, John Lennon, Lady Gaga, David Bowie shirts.

Leather jacket and random arm candies.
aztec printed rack sack, floral wedge booties, floral platform, mint plimsolls, leopard ankle boots, brown satchel,
black chain purse, sandals and DMs.
I can somehow smell summer already.
Projects done. Exams almost there. Internship, well, umm, processing and hopefully be settled already and I really hope my friends, Ariel and Erica will be placed with me. Crossing my fingers. Wishing. Praying.

You missed me?
I know you do. Don't worry, when I am almost through with all this shit and stress, I will surely be back on the track.

Oops, these are latest fascinations. And I am thinking of trying androgynous style but whatever. Haha.


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