March 27, 2012

Rusak Wedgyyy

Look what came in mail today.

These are limited edition Senzo Rusak inspired wedge.
Thanks to Jeroy Balmores .
I was not that lucky enough at first because someone commented buy already before I spot this.
I make kulit to Jeroy to just give it to me since I really really really really like it so much.
 I prayed hard and the next day, he contacted me already and BAM! These pair of heaven came in mail today.
So good as new, I swear. It smelled so new. Haha. 
(Those people who really know me are aware of my strange habit of smelling all things regardless of its state of cleanliness. Haha!!)

Well I know some of you are afraid to buy 2nd hand or used stuff.
Especially clothes, bags and of course, shoes.
There's nothing really wrong with it as long as you will sanitize it before using it.
Wash clothes with antibac detergents, sanitize bags with alcohol and spray shoes with lots and lots of Lysol.

Edgy summer here I come! 


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