March 24, 2012

Turning edgy

Summer spells boho, pastels, colors and sheers.
not all the time.
Since everyone (in my own opinion) will go boho or California girl this summer,
I might get myself an edgy revamp and turn my style aesthetic to androgynous.
Leather for summer?
I know right, I sound crazy knowing that the climate here in the Philippines is extremely hot.
Will be rummaging my favorite thrift shops this week for new clothes.
Went to Forever 21 Megamall earlier today and there are a lot (when I say a lot, I mean everything) of good stuff and Heritage 1981 had everything that I am looking for. From tribal printed tops to dip dyed shorts, everything is so beautiful.
It was heaven but practically it is not.
One piece of clothing would cost you Php800++ and to think it was a crop top.
So not for me. I would just visit my favorite thrift shops while they're on new arrival and I might score a top for only Php180, sounds expensive already? Yes, but I know my Php800++ will go a long way in a thrift shop.
I was about to score a leather wedge booties earlier today in a thrift shop somewhere in Kamuning, but knowing I have no cash on my wallet (and they do not accept debit cards) well, it made me think twice and decided to just leave it there though I am dying to have one for ages. It was not YET for me, not yet. JC Litas first, meeeeh. :)

So yeah, will update you soon. :)


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