March 27, 2012

What else?

I was experiencing a state of unhappiness today.
Though the company I have applied for my internship contacted me already (earlier today, after I took a bath), which really made me so kilig, when I got into school, I felt sad.
I don't know. I kinda sense this certain feeling that though I have a lot of friends, it seems like they don't want to be with me in the company that I have been assigned into.
I sort of begged Ariel to just apply in the same company wherein I am assigned.
Though he's telling me that it'll be one of their options, I can see through him that he doesn't agree with me.
Is it just me or does people really don't want to be with me?
I am alone.
Thanks to Crystel for making me feel better by telling me positive what ifs.
I don't want to manipulate them on where they should assign their selves but if these are really my friends, and they were given the opportunity to choose freely on where they will be having their internship,  aren't they going to consider me? Like, I am alone in that company, don't they like to accompany me? It kinda sucks but whatever. It's their lives.
But now I know that "friends will fail you sometimes" especially on times that they have to choose.

Thank you God for granting my prayers. Thank you for showing who my real friends are.
Thank you for giving me patience and deep understanding. Thank you God. Thank you.

Why, I cannot understand other people.
I don't know what are they trying to prove to me.
I don't know. It was so disrespectful and rude.
Bless these people God, I lift them up to you.
Hands-off. I don't want to care nor bother anymore.


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