April 03, 2012

La vie boheme

I love doing these illustrations for fun.
It takes skills, creativity and a whole lot of practice.
This illustration was supposed to be for a client, who emailed me about stuff and was willing to pay for this. But she's to demanding and want me to do stuff right away.
First, I am not very good at this. Second, I only do this for fun. And third, it's my vacation.
I am still on the verge of practicing okay so I am not yet ready for commissioned artworks.

On the other hand,
got a new cellphone today. Woot woot!
I am not a huge fan of cellphones and all that jazz knowing I am much more interested in photographic equipment and drawing equipment.
But thanks to my uncle who gave me one! Cheers!

I have been experiencing subtle asthma lately.
I don't know why and it was like effin' hard to breathe. Seriously.

I will no longer sell this summer, knowing that it would take a whole lot of risk if I will opt to sell this summer. I have been an online seller for about 3 years now and I believe I know that ups and downs already in this biz.
Since most of my clientele are students and summer is a no-money vacation for them, I think I will not gain from this and if ever, I might lose my savings if I will take the risk.
So just wait for my comeback sometime in June or July.
And plus, I want to focus on my internship and other stuff. 

Enjoy and preserve the essence of the Lent Season y'all!


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