April 19, 2012


My friend made me cry 'cause he told me things about me that, in his own opinion, I should watch out for and that he hates me for being like that.
It wasn't really my intention though.
There are really times that I don't know what I am doing.
Wrong timing. I am vulnerable right now and he took the last straw so I broke down.
It's not that I don't like being confronted about the wrong things I do or did.
It's just that... not now!
I am going through something inside of me, I am on the verge of trying to adapt my current environment and yes I am a bit anxious about it because I am not happy.
I am not mad at him but, really, I am unhappy about some of the things he have said, irregardless if real or not.
Yes I know sometimes I am being stupid, doing things, saying things I shouldn't say and I am sorry about it 'cause I don't really mean it.
I am young. I am trying to adapt. I am new to this. And I am sorry.

Disclaimer: Mom sorry for eating your well-kept chocolates right now, I just really need it. Will replace it right away.


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