May 31, 2012


All things pretty..

I was supposed to make a mini scrapbook which contains myself and my friends' personalities that we had observed during our internship. I've been planning on what materials to use and I just want it to be very light so I'll be using the <excess> mini journal I've made before. I don't want it to be handwritten so I've thought of buying a label maker but since Ariel lend me his own Dymo label maker, I'll just buy a tape. But I want to buy my own Dymo soon. I saw one in National Bookstore, the girly one which costs 495php, I'll be buying it... Haha.. Impulsive? IKR.
Favorite word. so I made a sticker and stuck it under my cellphone's camera. 
I borrowed my Uncle's techie label maker as well. I've used this to make that LOSER sticker above.

I don't want it to be plain boring so I put some studs on it.
From plain Jane to Greek goddess.

Channeling my inner Katniss Everdeen


May 29, 2012


Floral and feather adorned headpiece. SOON!

May 28, 2012

This current state of my entire self deserves a two bars of cheap chocolates, a slice of heaven full of cake, a 30-minute long conversation with my boyfriend and an exchange of text messages with my cousin. End.

May 19, 2012


What I wore last Wednesday.

Crystel && Eric.

@ work.

@ work part 2.

For the sake of updating you guys and letting you know I'm still alive.
Few more hours left and I'm finally through with this shh... well, sweet.

Leggo support Jessica Sanchez. Me and my friends (who are tuned in to AI11)  are so happy when we found out that Joshua is out and Jessica is in and we believe that Phillip is a favorite but we do hope Jessica would still be the winner.
#vote for jessica sanchez AI11

May 10, 2012

My shop just got featured

I'm in a state of euphoria right now.
A million thanks to @Chalk Magazine and @Kate Paras.
I should have thanked you guys the other month but I really thought everything was just a bluff so I still waited for somebody to tell me that it was real and I was so stupid for not believing in the first place but whatever..
I couldn't achieve this without the people who keeps on supporting me, seriously, thanks guys. :)


May 03, 2012


I am planning to go thrift shopping this May since I am thirsty and longing to go and rummage thrift racks.

Geez I am excited as flower in my shop's relaunching sometime in June or July.
I am now formulating new ideas for my upcoming collection.
Many request for a part 2 of some of my collections (shorts collection && braided bracelet) so I must prioritize this two.
Plus plus, I am collaborating with some local bloggers who have contacted me and requested to sponsor them and that was just so AWESOME, right?
There are a lot of ideas swimming inside my mind right now on what to do next in my shop and I just can't spill the beans, 'cause you know, ideas are better kept than ... well, whatever, never mind.

Oh by the way, I am already one of them, had an Instagram account already which I share with my sister and I haven't fully tried it yet since I am busy in my internship, just wanna let you guise know as if you care. LOL.

I miss blogging every single day of my life.
I miss taking photographs and my Percy Jackson.
I miss playing dress up and randomly take a picture of myself.
I miss pretending I have wavy hair.
I miss spending some time creating a post.
I miss doing my DIYs.
I miss my old self && life.