May 31, 2012

All things pretty..

I was supposed to make a mini scrapbook which contains myself and my friends' personalities that we had observed during our internship. I've been planning on what materials to use and I just want it to be very light so I'll be using the <excess> mini journal I've made before. I don't want it to be handwritten so I've thought of buying a label maker but since Ariel lend me his own Dymo label maker, I'll just buy a tape. But I want to buy my own Dymo soon. I saw one in National Bookstore, the girly one which costs 495php, I'll be buying it... Haha.. Impulsive? IKR.
Favorite word. so I made a sticker and stuck it under my cellphone's camera. 
I borrowed my Uncle's techie label maker as well. I've used this to make that LOSER sticker above.

I don't want it to be plain boring so I put some studs on it.
From plain Jane to Greek goddess.

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